Hwang Jung Eum calls off divorce from spouse: confirms they’ve reunited, Details discussed

Hwang Jung-eum and her spouse Lee Young-don reunited three months before the divorce was set to take effect. Representatives of Hwan Jung claim that eum’s the actor’s wife and her husband were able to communicate with one another more effectively during the deviation. According to a statement released by the agency, Hwang Jung Eum and her husband participated in divorce mediation. As a result, both of them learned to appreciate the opinions of the other. After a series of in-depth conversations, they decided they wanted to continue their marriage.

Hwang Jung-eum and Lee Young-journey don’s to Hawaii

While the couple was in the process of settling their divorce, there were a lot of assumptions made about their trips abroad. The destination of choice for the trip was Hawaii. Even though the local news reported the trip, nobody bothered to snap any photos while they were there.

When did Hwang Jung-eum initiate divorce proceedings?

Hwang Jung-eum started the divorce mediation process on September 2nd, 2020. She had first taken her plea up to the Seongnam division of the district court. Since then, the couple has tried going through the mediation process. During the mediation, they acknowledged and accepted one another’s mistakes. It is said that this led to them making up with one another. Hwang Jung-eum is set to feature in the next Korean drama, “Men are Men,” in 2020.

Additionally, she made an appearance in Mystic Pop-eum Bar. In 2016, she wed Lee Young-don; the following year, in August of 2017, the couple welcomed a son into the world. The year 2015 marked the beginning of Hwang Jung-eum and Lee Young-relationship. Her agency announced the news on December 8th, 2015, which occurred in 2015. They said in their report that they had dated for four months. In January 2016, the exciting pair broke the news that they were getting married.

The current paparazzi also took photos of Hwang Jung-eum and Kim Yong-jun out on a date, which photographers captured. It seems that the Han Riverside was the setting for a number of the two of them participating in romantic activities together. An image of them out walking in the rain was also included in the package. Hwang Jung-first eum’s first lover was Kim Yong-jun of SG Wannabe; her relationship with Lee Young-don ended before it began. They first began going out in 2005. Thus this makes their total together time nine years. In May of 2015, it was reported that the pair had ended their relationship. Because the actress had just wrapped up production for the movie Kill Me, Heal Me, this event occurred not long after she completed her work.

Lee Young-don, Hwang Jung-spouse

Lee Young-don, Hwang Jung eum’s husband, is a former professional golfer who has since retired. When he retired, he competed on the Japan Pro Golf Tour. After he retired, Lee Young-don became the Chief Executive Officer of a steel company where he worked. In addition, he became an agent for a golf management company representing Japan.

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