iBoysoft Data Recovery Helps You find Lost File for FREE

Losing files or deleting files by mistake always makes a person anxious. Sometimes, losing important documents can even cost you dearly. In fact, it’s very easy to retrieve lost data. You just need to download a data recovery software and you can find your important files easily. The product I’m going to introduce you to is iBoysoft Data Recovery free edition. Once you download it, you have the opportunity to recover your data.

Under what circumstances Data Recovery Free Edition is worth downloading?

  1. You can download it when you need to recover a small number of files. iBoysoft Data Recovery free edition provides every user with 1GB data recovery for free.
  2. You can download it when you want to know the performance of this software. With the free version of iBoysoft Data Recovery, you can try it out for free. Learn more about its functionality and the results of data recovery.
  3. You can download it when you wonder if your files can be retrieved. iBoysoft Data Recovery provides users with free scanning and free preview. So, you can judge whether your lost files are possible to recover according to the free scan and preview function.

Features of iBoysoft Data Recovery Free Edition

  1. It supports almost all operating systems and is even compatible with the latest Windows 10 and macOS Big Sur.
  2. Mac edition provides you free scanning and preview of files from APFS, encrypted APFS, HFS+, FAT32, exFAT drive.
  3. It recovers data that you accidentally deleted and emptied from Recycle Bin/Trash, files deleted in external hard drive on your computer, or data deleted directly from your storage device and so on.

4. It is possible to recover loss data from lost partition, formatted or erased disk, and corrupted partition, etc. through iBoysoft Data Recovery free edition.

5. It can scan and recover data on PC/HDD / SSD/USB Drive/SD Card/CF Card/memory Card/Digital Camera.

6. It supports more than 1000 types and formats of files such as Office files, photos, videos, movies, music, and emails, etc.

 However, there are also some limitations. Free versions cannot recover data from APFS, encrypted APFS, and unbootable Mac due to high research and development costs. In fact, all data recovery software on the market does not offer this feature for free.

How to use the iBoysoft Data Recovery Free Edition

The following internal steps are done on a Mac but can also be referenced for Windows users

Step 1: Download iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac free edition from iBoysoft’s official website. Then click on the file at the bottom of the window.

Step 2: Double-click on the icon of iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac to install.

Step 3: Select Open.

Step 4: Open the software and enter the password. Normally, it is your power-on (login) password.

Step 5: Select the partition or disk where the data is lost.

Step 6: Click Scan in the lower right corner of the window. You can pause the scan by clicking Stop at any time, and then click Preview to preview the files you’ve found.

Step 7: After the scan is complete, select the file you want to recover, and click Recover at the right bottom of the window.

Step 8: Save the data. Do not save the scanned files in the original partitions. Doing so will overwrite other files that have been lost.


iBoysoft Data Recovery is available free of charge for both Mac and Windows operating systems, allowing you to scan and preview lost files for free and enjoy a free 1GB data recovery. You can use it to recover files that you lost or deleted on your internal or external hard drive for free. If you have more needs, you can also decide whether to buy the paid version based on your experience with the free version

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