Iconic Throughout the Ages -Do You Know These Casino Symbols?

Bingo has been played for decades by many people. However, there’s a variant that’s becoming popular among players and it’s a mix of bingo and slot games, known as Slingo. Just like in the slots, some symbols can work with you, or against you as you play. How well do you know them? 

What’s Slingo?

When 75 ball bingo and slot machines are mixed together, you get Slingo, and it’s a game that’s available in most online casinos. There are random numbers on a 5×5 grid that’s taken from the bingo card. There’s also a reel, which is from the slots.

These are both used to play Slingo. Slingo can be played in different games, including 75-ball and 90-ball. The levels vary from game to game, as do the genres and types of prizes that can be won. Some Slingo bingo games have progressive jackpots that roll over until there’s a winner, whereas others will have a fixed jackpot. 

Players may get a bonus after they’ve won 5 slingos. As the game goes on and players win more slingos, the more bonuses they can receive. But, of course, there’s an added twist, with some symbols that can give you some surprises, along the way.

Slingo Symbols

These are a mixed bag of fortune, with some symbols helping you on your way, and others holding you back. It’s well worth knowing what they are.

  • Coins are symbols that give you an instant cash payout.
  • Jokers allow you to cross off any number from the column above it.
  • Super Jokers mean you can daub off any remaining number on your grid.
  • Free spin scatters give you an additional spin so that you can try to get more slingos.
  • Devils, the only negative out of the symbols, take a space on the reel and act like a blocker.

Whilst bingo has its own lingo, like a cup of tea (number 3) and two little ducks (number 22), it doesn’t have symbols. But the slots do, so let’s have a look at how these symbols differ from what’s featured in a game of Slingo.

Slot Symbols

A slot machine typically has three wheels. On each wheel there are approximately 20 symbols, meaning there are 60 symbols in total, with a possibility of an incredible 8,000 combinations.

  • The lowest value symbols are the Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10, and 9. They can also be fruit symbols, like cherries, oranges, and grapes.
  • Higher value symbols are often in line with the theme of the slot machine. So a jungle-themed slot may have high value symbols of a lion, ape, or even Tarzan. Traditionally, they would be the number 7 or the word “Bar” written three times, above each other, on each wheel.
  • Wild symbols will often take the place of another symbol. Its symbol will vary from each slot machine. So, if you have two cherries on a winning line, the wild symbol will act as a cherry, meaning you would’ve won a payout for having three cherries in a row.

When playing at a new site or even a new game, it’s worth taking some time to know what each symbol means and the general rules of the game. This way you know what to expect as you play and see them, especially if they differ from what you’re used to. 

Slingo bingo adds that extra twist to two popular games that can both be played online. With the number of online variations, there’ll be a game out there for everyone. Different themes and types of bonuses will provide even more choice when it comes to deciding what game of Slingo to play.

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