Ideal Korean Drama to Watch

What drama should you watch in Korea? If you are looking for a cool and popular drama to watch, then you’ve come to the right place. Movies have come a long way in Korea and we can’t help but appreciate the ones that are currently showing in popular cinemas or online movie spots. When it comes to watching a K-drama, we all know how amazing it can be – not to mention a bit of the funny and entertaining stuff that the directors try to incorporate in the movies.

Nevertheless, that doesn’t make any movie/drama ideal to watch. In fact, there are plenty of k-dramas out there that I wouldn’t recommend watching. Not that I’m hating, but it’s just what it is – “don’t hate the player, hate the game.” I don’t know if that saying appeals in this context.

Back to what I was saying. One excellent drama I would recommend is the Secretary Kim kdrama.

Why Should You Care?

So, why should you care about watching such a drama/movie? Well, this is simply for entertainment purposes. We all know how fun it can be to watch something interesting and entertaining when you’re bored, or after the end of a tiring day. The drama is interesting and easy to follow. It’s a Korean show that has been popular for four months!

The Synopsis

Imagine being so self-absorbed that you lack any idea of everything going on around you. The Secretary Kim kdrama features Lee Yeong Joon as the vice president of his family-owned company called the Yoomyung Group. The narcissistic behavior of Park Seo Joon makes him pay less attention to the advice of his secretary Kim Mi So.

However, after the secretary serving her boss for nine good years and making him look good and putting up with his ego, she finally decides to quit her job. A twist happens as the older of Yeong Joon, who is a popular author, falls in love with Mi So.

The question now remains, can her boss accept the fact that she wants to leave her job for Seo Joon or will he be unable to understand and get the wrong idea. The story itself is unique, outstanding, and full of intriguing moments. Although I’m not trying to promote anything, my main objective is to paint the picture of how the drama is unfolding to help you learn whether it’s worth checking out or not.

Things to Note Before Watching a Movie

A movie should have a purpose and/or be entertaining. The movie has to make sense, otherwise the audience will lose focus or get bored quickly. Luckily, Secretary Kim kdrama is captivating and has a lot to offer viewers.

Korean dramas are usually very captivating because they start out with an intriguing plot that keeps people hooked until the end of the series.

Each episode needs an exciting event; otherwise it becomes boring for viewers to watch every week and they’ll soon stop watching altogether. Korean drama episodes typically deal with one major problem in each installment while still managing to keep things fresh by having different problems occur weekly so it never gets too repetitive.

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