In a savage podcast roast, Andrew Schulz rips down Will Smith, Details of the podcast explored!

Andrew Schulz, a comedian, said that after the iconic Oscars episode, Chris Rock seemed weak, and the world took notice. On his podcast The Flagrant 2, he blasted Will Smith’s behaviour and mercilessly made fun of the actor and his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith. On March 27, 2022, in Los Angeles, California, the Academy Awards were presented. Will Smith slapping comedian Chris Rock for making fun of Pinkett Smith’s buzz cut stole the show during the live event. The man who played King Richard went on to win Best Actor. His unusual behaviour, however, captivated viewers all across the globe.

Andrew Schultz Blasting Will Smith

In his most recent podcast episode, Roast of Will Smith, YouTube comedian Andrew Schulz discussed the event. As evidence, he made fun of the Oscar winner’s marriage to Pinkett Smith and criticised the actor for being too sensitive to criticism. Also, he cautioned the actor from attacking comedians by stating, “The white Oscars are mind-numbingly dull,” which is what Jada’s friend Will labels the actor’s connection with her. So, we can all agree that this was stunning since we would have expected Amy Schumer to be the one woman with a hair loss disorder at the Oscars who did not get the jokes. In any case, Will, take this as a warning: if you don’t want your wife’s name spoken in the same breath with comedians, don’t touch them.

Andrew Schulz supports Chris Rock in the Oscars slap debate

The stunning scene took happened after the Academy Awards ceremony. After the iconic slap, Will Smith was overheard yelling obscenities at the comic. A commentator on Rock’s manner, Andrew Schulz, observed, “Give Chris Rock some credit. He took that slap like a champion!” Plus, he’ll be prepared for the next season. He’ll stock up on bobs and weaves like Jada’s closet full of hairpieces. However, he said Chris Rock was at fault for not addressing the matter. According to him, Chris was poised to unleash his fury. The time has come for him to do so. If he had lost his mind, it wouldn’t have affected us.

Do not let him bleed to death. There was a live TV smackdown, and he was the recipient. Chris didn’t retaliate to Will’s assault because he felt threatened, but rather because he was concerned about the impact on his job. According to the podcast host, Rock did nothing to resolve the situation, which means he may appear in Zootopia 4. What’s tragic is that. Even Andrew Schultz said it was a weak spot. Andrew Schulz chimed in, saying that he understood Rock’s perspective but that Rock was wrong not to address the issue.

In all seriousness, Will, some of us here have a little more professionalism and decency than others. Whatever happens, the performance must go on. I’ll catch you backstage, however. The 38-year-old continued his roast by naming Will Smith as he physically assaulted a considerably smaller person. The above video is the podcast episode that readers may view. At the show’s outset, Andrew Schulz spoke about the viral moment from the Oscars.

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