Informative details about LaMelo LaFrance Ball’s ‘Rick and Morty’ PUMA shoes, Details about the Release date, price, and many more explored!

The Rick and Morty sneakers from PUMA’s LaMelo Ball line are almost ready to be released, and the company is making final preparations. The shoes will be promoted along with a six-piece set of clothes. The German company and LaMelo Ball partnership were among the most fruitful shoe collaborations. PUMA is elevating its MB.01 collection with many new must-have items. Two new releases from the label are planned as part of the agreement for February 2022. The first is “Buzz City,” which celebrates the Charlotte Hornets, while the other is taken from the Rick and Morty cartoon on Adult Swim.

Exploring The PUMA X Ricky and Morty Lamela Collection

The shoes will be available for purchase beginning on February 18 for $135 each. Both shoes in a pair will be a different color. The Jasmine Green is for the left foot, while the Nrgy Rose is for the right. The personalities of Rick and Morty inspired these hues. These newcomers have the right amount of LaMelo’s “Not from Here” aesthetic combined with Rick and Morty’s space mishaps.

In addition to these basketball shoes, other products, such as the Rick Hoodie, the Rick and Morty Long-Sleeved Tee, the Rick Pant, the Rick and Morty Short-Sleeved Tee, the Rick and Morty Shorts, and a Slime Onesie, will also be introduced as part of the relationship between Rick and Morty and Under Armour. The brand’s official website and the NYC flagship shop will carry all new products.

Moreover, they will be sold in Foot Locker retail outlets. The “Buzz City” sneaker, a shoe made in honor of the Charlotte Hornets, will also be available shortly. The sneakers’ design is consistent with the theme since it makes use of colors that are similar to the Hornets’ uniforms. The uppers of the shoes are made of a black mesh material, and they have teal accents at the heel counter and the collar of the foot.

What Will the Cost of The Puma Shoes Be?

One may get a pair of brand-new Rick and Morty basketball sneakers for $135. On the other hand, the next release with Buzz City, which will be a part of Puma’s LaMelo Ball collection, will cost $125 for adults and $90 for kids. The new basketball sneakers take cues from LaMelo Ball’s “Not From Here” aesthetic and Rick and Morty’s cosmic activities. Each shoe has a different color. The right one is red, and the left one is green. Inside you will find Rick and Morty’s faces.

When this article was written, the MB.01 Signature Collection consisted of many fascinating items such as jersey shirts, shorts, jeans, and more at a range of different pricing points. Puma SE is a clothing company that Rudolf Dassler started in 1948. Right now, PUMA is owned by the French multinational firm Kering. Besides Balenciaga, Gucci, Alexander McQueen, and more, Kering owns several additional high-end labels.

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