Informative details on how to watch Casey Neistat’s much-anticipated David Dobrik documentary

In February, Casey Neistat shared the news that he will be premiering his documentary on David Dobrik, a prominent person in the world of social media and YouTube. Dobrik had found himself in the centre of controversy ever since his friend Jeff Wittek came dangerously close to losing his life when they filmed a video together a year ago. This concludes the data we have collected so far regarding the documentary.

How to watch neistat’s David dobrik documentary

As part of the SXSW festival, the documentary will have its international debut on March 12 at 6:45 p.m. local time at the Austin Convention Center. If you have registered for SXSW, you will have access to see the documentary on the SXSW TV app on March 13 at 9 a.m. Central Time. The ability to RSVP for online screenings is restricted to those with either a Platinum, Film, Music or Interactive Badge or an SXSW Online Pass. Single tickets are not available for purchase through Online Screenings.

Visit the SXSW Schedule page for the film, and then click the “RSVP” button in the top right-hand corner to confirm that you will be attending the screening. Select the proper green button in order to book a place on the RSVP list for the event. After clicking the green button, your response has been recorded. In the event that there are no more spaces available for RSVPs, there will be a waitlist. If your name is removed from the queue, you will get an email notification along with a confirmation of your RSVP.

What is known about the doc?

Casey Neistat’s documentary about David Dobrik, which runs for a total of one hundred minutes and has title Under the Influence, was directed by Neistat. According to the description, Casey Neistat and YouTube sensation David Dobrik had no idea they were filming one of the internet’s most stunning rises and falls. The documentary is directed by Neistat, while Mark Monroe is working in the roles of writer and producer. Even though fans have no clue what to expect from the documentary, it gives the impression that it will shed light on some of the most significant YouTube scandals that have occurred over Dobrik’s career.

The following is commentary collected from fans

Casey Neistat’s documentary on the David Dobrik scandals was likened to Shane Dawson’s documentaries on Jeffrey Star and Jake Paul by a Twitter user who said the two directors had a similar attitude. One Twitter user made it clear that they had no interest in the project by asking, “What has David Dobrik ever done to deserve a documentary on him?” to demonstrate their lack of concern for the endeavour. Dobrik and those like him are the subjects of Casey Neistat’s films, as opposed to more positive subjects. Another person’s opinion was given, and it was brought to Casey Neistat that someone wanted a documentary on David Dobrik in the first place.

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