Is Addison Rae Pregnant? Controversies Exposed Through Her TikTok Comments from Fans

Addison Rae has amassed more than 85.6 million followers on the video-sharing platform TikTok, thanks to the popularity of the dance videos she regularly uploads to the site. Because of her TikTok fame, she is now developing relationships with other A-list celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian. When Addison won a starring part in the August 2021 debut of the Netflix original film, He’s all that, he proved that the gap between social media influencer celebrity and movie star recognition could be bridged. Because she has so much going for her now, her supporters are somewhat perplexed by the latest claims that she is pregnant. These allegations have been around for some time now.

Is Addison pregnant?

Addison’s followers have cause to suspect she is expecting when the comment area of a video she posted to TikTok on November 5, 2021, was suddenly flooded with congratulations. After she didn’t make any overt pregnancy announcements on TikTok, her followers likely flocked to her other social media accounts to see whether she had broken the news there. She did not mention that she was pregnant on any platform; therefore, it is unclear where this story originated.

When did people begin to think that Addison Rae was pregnant?

It turned out that the rumours were a clever online scam. Someone going by the handle @OldRod on TikTok felt it would be amusing to sow some social media discord just for kicks. An individual wrote about why we don’t get all comments on Addison Rae’s post congratulating her on the pregnancy. What, exactly, is preventing us from making non-joke-aware individuals confused? Numerous individuals buy into the story, and soon it was one of the most sensational urban legends of the year.

OldRod went on to say that he had every intention of establishing a massive, baffling rumour for no reason at all. They did achieve their goals. Others in the world could buy into a fake story if enough individuals tell it. Unfortunately, how social media platforms function can produce unpleasant results like these. Addison has not made any comments on the rumour that is now circulating, but this is not the first time that she has faced rumours of this nature in the past.

Does Addison Rae have a history of pregnancy rumours?

It’s nothing new for Addison to deal with the gossip mill. Pregnancy rumours began spreading in July 2020 when she was photographed with her hand over her tummy during a public appearance. A supporter questioned her in the comment area if she was pregnant, and she answered by claiming that she was just insecure rather than pregnant. Her then-boyfriend Bryce Hall also weighed in on the controversy on the Celeb Livin YouTube channel, saying, “Let me just clear it up, she’s not pregnant.” Why it is even a thing is beyond me. Having to repeatedly assure people that you are not expecting a child must be frustrating. Addison’s silence on the pregnancy rumours makes sense, given that she has gone through something quite similar before. Addison’s current priorities are creating new songs and uploading great content to TikTok.

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