Is Anthony Ramos Cheating on Jasmine Cephas Jones? Anthony Ramos TikTok video explained as fans support Jasmine Jones

Anthony Ramos and Jasmine Cephas Jones, a Hamilton couple, have recently made news due to allegations that Ramos cheated on his girlfriend for many years. Some fans of the popular actors have taken to social media to spread rumours that they had broken up. A user on the social media platform TikTok going by the name of “Dear Jane” has alleged in a video that she and another woman saw Anthony Ramos in a strip club in Los Angeles. The two Broadway actors started dating in 2014 and just got engaged this year. The play was a success thanks to the performances of Anthony Ramos as John Laurens and Philip Hamilton and Jasmine Cephas Jones, 32, as Peggy Schuyler and Maria Reynolds.

A TikTok video claims Anthony cheated on Jasmine

According to a video uploaded to TikTok on November 29 by a user named Dear Jane, she was working at a strip club in Los Angeles when a Latino actor walked in with a female companion. Aside from being “all over each other” and “tipping the dancers,” the duo also claimed to tip the dancers.

Moreover, Dear Jane said that she recognised the actor and, upon further investigation, learned that he was already committed to another lady. Although the user didn’t directly address Anthony, she did provide a People magazine story in which the star discusses his fiancee. The TikTok user also clarified that Anthony and Jasmine were not in the club together by claiming that a white female companion accompanied Anthony.

The user also included a little footage of the pair after her TikTok. The guy in the video is obscured by his hat, so we can’t see his face properly. There is no way to tell whether the guy in the video is indeed Anthony since his face is obscured. Despite the lack of concrete evidence, many online commenters quickly assumed that the actor had cheated. Even though the video seemed to be very damaging, several people pointed out that the lady in the movie resembled his fiancée.

Rumours about Jasmine and Anthony break up

E! News reported on November 30 that Anthony and Jasmine, dating for six years, had broken off their engagement. The date of their breakup is unknown, but the site claims to have heard from a source that the couple called off their engagement before it was official. Since neither party has addressed the public with any explanation for their breakup, it is unclear whether the accusations of misconduct against Anthony had a role. This revelation comes only a few short months after Anthony openly referred to Jasmine as “his rock,” so it’s hard to believe that things could have gone much better. No additional information has been released about their separation. Thus, it is still unknown what caused them to end their engagement. It’s possible that the separation wasn’t as unpleasant as it seemed, given that both stars kept images of each other on their Instagram.

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