Is Bitcoin Still Worth Investing?

Bitcoin is a new form of currency that can be used to make purchases anonymously. It’s also the future of digital transactions. Since bitcoin isn’t tied to any country or company, it has the potential to change how we think about money. With bitcoin, you have more control over your finances than ever before! Here are few reasons why investing in bitcoins Today would be an intelligent decision.

1. There is only a limited number of bitcoins in circulation

The creator of bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, decided to create 21 million coins. That’s the maximum amount that will ever be available for people to purchase and hold onto so you can think about this like it’s digital gold!

There are currently over 12 million bitcoins out there right now, with an estimated 20+ on the way due to lost wallets, etc., but never fear your hoard won’t get diluted because these new ones don’t have anything more than symbolic value – they are basically ‘placeholders.’ The Bitcoin Era is great for investors because there is a finite amount of the currency in circulation.

2. Bitcoin is a deflationary currency

This means that there will only ever be more demand for bitcoins despite how many are created. Unlike the dollar, which can lose value through inflation when more dollars enter circulation and fewer goods and services available to purchase with them – this isn’t an issue in bitcoin because it’s so limited in numbers.

Because there aren’t enough coins out there right now to facilitate every single transaction taking place on earth (but we’re getting closer), some people may choose not to sell their coins at any given time, making prices go up! The longer you hold your bitcoins, the higher they’ll climb as long as other entities don’t flood the market by buying or mining faster than anyone else.

3. Bitcoin is more secure than any other currency

When you hold a dollar, it can be easily destroyed or taken from you. Bitcoin comes with the added security of being nearly impossible to counterfeit due to its encryption and scarcity – meaning if someone does manage to get their hands on your coins, they would have no value unless they were able to crack the code, which requires an advanced computer system that doesn’t exist yet.

4. Bitcoin is censorship resistant

Bitcoin transactions are taking place all over the world. Because there’s no central location where your bitcoins need to go through before being accepted, you can send them from anywhere and have a lot of freedom when it comes to making purchases or trading with other people. This means that no third party needs to get involved, so if someone decides they don’t want some goods/services sold in their country, for example – this could be easily bypassed by using bitcoin which would then allow users access into every single nook and cranny on earth without anyone knowing!

5. Bitcoin is borderless

Since there’s no central location where bitcoins need to go through before being accepted, it means that you don’t have any limits when it comes to making transactions with others. You can send your money anywhere and never need to worry about exchange rates or if the other party will accept the currency you’re trying to use because bitcoin is valued in every country worldwide.

6. Bitcoin is transparent

All transactions that have ever taken place are visible on the public ledger called Blockchain, which anyone can see – but don’t worry; your personal information is kept safe. It’s simply represented by a string of numbers and letters.


People are always looking for new ways to invest their money. With bitcoin, you can be your bank and take control of your funds, unlike fiat currency, where the central banks have complete authority over everything done with it.

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