Is Boruto going to leave the village with Code and become a rogue ninja? Details explained

The release of Chapter 63 of Boruto, Naruto Next Generations, has prompted some fans to come up with very outlandish interpretations of the story. Some of Boruto’s supporters worry he’ll run away with Code and be labeled a renegade ninja if he does. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is more popular than ever, and viewers can’t wait to discover where the tale goes next. Many readers are attempting to figure out what will happen in the future by analyzing the current chapters. Some fans have come up with fascinating speculation concerning the future of the manga series. It is essential to remember that these are only the speculations of individual fans and that no official declarations have been made to validate these views.

Fan hypothesis on how Boruto will be labelled a rogue

Some fans believe Boruto will go with Code or be abducted by him. The only way to prevent Momoshiki from taking over Boruto’s body after their Borushiki form battle is for Code or Kawaki to stab Boruto in the eye. If neither the village nor Kawaki are in danger, he is willing to go with Code. When the word reaches the community that Boruto fled with Code, he will be labeled as a renegade ninja.

Since Eida wants Boruto alive, he could be instructed by Code on how to harness his Karma since Code reveres him for being part of Otsutsuki. Boruto may deal with Eida to turn himself in if he is assured that Code will attack neither the village nor Sasuke nor Naruto. Due to Eida’s control over his emotions, Code can do nothing but follow her directions. Kawaki, with the aid of Amado, will unleash his Karma to bring Boruto back.

Kawaki plans to demolish the town in a few years to get Boruto. Kawaki takes Naruto and the rest of the gang to a haven because she knows that when Boruto returns, Code will harm those closest to him. To face Code, Kawaki will ask Boruto to accompany him to the refuge. Boruto would not agree with this, resulting in a battle and viewers watching Kawaki being vanquished. In the end, Boruto could lose everything, considering that he will likely become a complete Otsutsuki and will urge Kawaki to murder him to guarantee the Otsutsuki takeover does not damage anyone.

Boruto recaps Naruto Next Generations 63

Boruto, Naruto Next Generations Chapter 63 opens with Boruto coming to Kawaki’s rescue. They argue because Boruto is in the way. Kawaki thinks that Code’s superiors must have told him not to murder Kawaki. Therefore he wants to bargain with him. Otherwise, given the gulf of strength between them, he would have been killed. Later, Code activates his white Karma, knocks Boruto down with a single punch, and then explains that the essence of Karma is Otsutsuki’s combined battle expertise of over a century. The story finishes with his Karma being awakened, and the look is identical to that of Borushiki.

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