Is forex a difficult market for the beginners?

Just like with the rest of the trading in the markets of finance, forex trading might seem to be abstract, complex, and intimidating for the beginners. But the activity that is underlying which is involve, having to trade one currency of another national with another is quite simple.

The forex trading used to be mostly for the territory with large operators in the market, but nowadays, it is accessible to the general public and there are various resources which area available in helping to newbie to achieve their success. With that said, it is the same traders that will need to start considering the below information from the experts at forex brokers in South Africa regarding the market prior to starting to trade:

Why start forex trading?

There are various reasons that forex might be a market that is attractive, even for the newbie who have no to little experience. The markets of forex are easily accessible, requiring you to have a small deposit of funds to start getting involved as a trader. The market is known to operate 24 hours daily for five days of the week and for the weekends; it is closed for some short periods. It denotes that, as a trader, you can get in the market at whatever time of the day even when others markets which are more centralized happen to be closed.

The forex traders also pay just a trading fee which is quite small that is normally determined by the spread which is between the ask prices and the bid currency, and the trading is normally governed by tax rules that are quite simplified. Finally, the traders can be able to a stop-loss that is pre-determined andthe trade exit prices before having to enter each of the trade, denoting that they have complete control over the amount of risk that they want to be able to take on.

The risks

The trading in forex involves risks, and the traders need to be aware about that before you jump in the markets. Majority of the trading of forex throughout the global is mostly done among major financial institutions and banks. The entities generally have a lot of information, technology and leverage, resources as compared to the individual traders. Because of that, the traders in the retail forex market normally find themselves under the market movement influence which they might have no power or little power to control.

At the same time, in particular situations of the volatility of price, traders might also be exposed to the risk of execution that occurs whenever the market orders happen not to be filled at the same price which was requested.

How to start

While the forex market might seem to be complex, and might require some studies in order for the traders to become familiar with whatever is happening, and to be in a position to successfully trade, to get involved in the forex trading is believed to be quite simple.  As an aspiring trader who is a newbie in the market, you will need:

  • Come up with an account at a forex broker trading account
  • Install a platform for trading on your mobile or computer device using the software of the trading broker.
  • Deposit a minimum of 50 dollars in the account for trading before starting to trade.

Once they have achieved the set-up of an account, traders will be able to have access to the live price movements, entering orders and setting up strategies for trading. Currencies are usually traded in pairs and thus, every time a trader is able to buy one currency, they sell the other. Most pairs of currencies which are available for trading do involve various major currencies and a number of the minor or less well-known currencies.

Demo account

Before you drive headlong into the forex market, it will be best to first test the waters using a trading account demo. Majority of the brokers do offer the service so that the traders get accustomed to the forex and trading market environment. 

The demo accounts are known to allow traders in tracking the actual situations on the market and simulating trading trades and strategies so that they can be able to practice the trade without the need to put in their money on line. Once you feel confident to begin, you can then go live on the trading account which is real.

Read the news

Majority of the experiences by the traders make use of the technical analysis of the various prices, but majority are familiar with the factors which are fundamental to influence the currencies which they are trading in. It is a great idea getting to know the nationals and country policies which govern the currency that you plan to trade in. It might also be able to include getting to know the calendar of the main data releases, such as interest rate decisions, and the national trade and the balances of the payment information.


Majority of the brokerages do offer traders with the access to margins for leveraging their trade under the deposit guarantee in a margin account. The functions of the margin as loan collateral normally helps in multiplying the amount of the funds which are placed effectively on a trade, and potentially also tend to multiply the profits.

However, margin can as well multiply losses if a trade happens to be unsuccessful. Given this, it is typically wise for the trader to begin to trade with a smaller amount of leverage, increasing it only once they begin to gain confidence in the success of their strategies for trading.

Risk rewarded ratio

One of the rule that is quite helpful for traders so that they minimize their risk is having to trade using a ratio of risk reward in mind. It denotes that when entering a sell or buy order, they will come up with a stop-loss which allows a certain amount of the risk and the limit or the a limited profit at a specific amount of profit which is a multiple of the amount of the risk which they have.

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