Is it true that TikTok star Icierra died? Online death rumours scare TikTok fans, Details explained

Icierra’s TikTok nickname, Cierra Green, is the most recent person to become the subject of a death rumour circulating on the internet. Internet rumours of celebrity deaths are popular among fandoms. Therefore scams are common. After Icierra’s TikTok account was temporarily disabled for maintenance, widespread speculation on the internet started to develop over the possibility that she had passed away. TikTok star, 24 years old, shot to fame on YouTube thanks to the gaming and cosplay videos she created.

Who Is Icierra Green?

Tiktok and YouTube star Cierra Green, whose real name is Lizzie Smoree but who performs under the stage name Cierra Green, is 24 years old. Her nickname, which she also goes by, is “Green,” and she performs under that name. She’s labelled a racist online. As of this writing, she has 294,000 TikTok followers. Because we had heard that she is an exceptional player and someone who posts many “Cosplay” videos online, she was born on May 21 and lived with her mom. In one of her films, Sandy Cheeks, a squirrel dressed as a woman in a bikini, may be seen being pursued by Patrick Star, a character from the SpongeBob franchise. The basis of the movie is drawn from her own life experiences.

Is Cierra Green alive?

No! Icierra’s licensing status is currently unknown since no action has been taken against it. She is said to have passed away, even though contrary information spreads on clickbait websites and other social media platforms. When her big fan following discovered that her TikTok account had been unexpectedly cancelled with no prior notice, rumours started to spread that she had passed away. On the other hand, since she gave the information she had, we now have a greater feeling of hope.

Cierra’s controversies have gotten a lot of attention

Even though Cierra’s account had been removed, she continued to be the target of online harassment in the form of an argument and charges of homophobic and racial insensitivity. The video said that Cierra was diagnosed with autism with a level of severity that falls between mild and severe. Even though the company did not provide a specific justification, it seems that Cierra’s account on TikTok was terminated as a direct consequence of the charges. Following Cierra’s disappearance from social media, her relative silence has fueled rumours that she has passed away, which may or may not be true.

On the other hand, it’s possible that she started writing openly after viewing anything she put on Instagram. This is also a possibility. Given her popularity on TikTok as a gamer and cosplayer, Cierra’s death has not been explained, which is a mystery. In addition, there is not a single fact to back the rumour, and all it consists of are false statements. Icierra is under the impression that the many complaints lodged against her Tiktok account motivated the termination of her Tiktok profile. Icierra has created a whole new Tiktok account, in which she urges her followers to stop reporting her so that they may continue to keep up with what she is doing.

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