Is James Charles in Euphoria Season 2? YouTuber’s TikTok video debunks cast rumours, Details discussed

Has James Charles reached a state of Euphoria? The beauty vlogger baffled some of his TikTok followers last week with a video based on the song “Euphoria.” The second season of the HBO show Euphoria has been released, and the show’s fans are celebrating by posting all things relevant to the show on social media. This week, influential user James Charles joined the frenzy by posting a TikTok video connected to the show. James Charles’s post, however, has led some viewers to believe he will have a starring role in the show. The most recent post made by the YouTuber is explored here.

The latest James Charles TikTok has puzzled his audience

On Tuesday, January 18th, James Charles uploaded a video to the famous video-sharing platform with the trending phrase “And why aren’t you in uniform?” as he changed fromfrom his usual clothes into a Euphoria-inspired one. When you’re about to leave but remember that you’re in Euphoria S2, the video also contains the text. Some post viewers appeared perplexed, as seen by their inquiries in the comments section about whether or not the YouTuber will be appearing in the HBO series. One of your fans remarked, Omg, you are in Euphoria?  There’s even more of an excellent reason to check out Euphoria. Others in the comments were eager to point out that the video was a part of a trend and linked it to other posts that used the same soundtrack. This was even though some people were confused about the meaning of TikTok.

Is James Charles getting into Euphoria Season 2?

The YouTuber does not appear to have any involvement with the show Euphoria, and his most recent video appears to be more of a joke than a genuine contribution to the show. TikTok included the why you aren’t in a uniform audio clip from a SpongeBob episode in February 2020. In videos like James’, users film responses to the soundbite by walking into the frame while wearing street clothes and responding, and why aren’t you in uniform?

Some have attributed the development of the trend to the characters’ wardrobe choices on the HBO series Euphoria since its second season premiere. Since this isn’t the first Euphoria-related trend the YouTuber has joined on TikTok, it’s safe to assume he’s a fan of the series. He came up with a brilliant makeup look in 2020, and the video of it is currently trending on the Euphoria hashtag with 5.8 million likes, putting him at the top of the social media platform that year.

YouTuber NikkieTutorials debuts

Nikkie de Jager, better known as NikkieTutorials, is a fellow beauty influencer and YouTuber featured on the series through one of her videos. This occurred despite the confusion that surrounded James Charles’ most recent TikTok. In “Episode 2,” Kat, the main character in Euphoria, watches one of Nikkie’s make-up tutorials. The YouTuber shared her excitement over the segment with her 4.7 million TikTok admirers.

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