Is Jennie and G-Dragon dating? Blackpink Jennie & G-Dragon Dating Rumors: All You Need to Know

The rumours that “Jennie Kim and G-Dragon” are dating have started again after their most recent sighting together during Jennie Kim’s CF shoot. BLACKPINK and BIGBANG are both K-pop bands, each consisting of four members. BLACKPINK features Jennie Kim, while BIGBANG features G-Dragon. Both performers are currently under contract with YG Entertainment and the respective groups they are a part of. Members of the K-pop community have shared their thoughts and feelings on the controversy in reaction to the newest information about the topic. Many people’s perceptions of the alleged couple were all over the place due to the complicated past they had together.

Is Jennie dating G-Dragon? Fan sightings indicate they do

There has been more evidence that Jennie and G-Dragon are romantically involved, thanks to recent sightings of the pair together. According to Star News, a news organisation based in South Korea, a member of BIGBANG surprised a member of the latter group by paying a visit to them when they were filming an advertising piece for a product for which the latter is an endorsement. According to Star News, the two individuals are “dating well,” meaning they have a positive relationship and spend much time together. Several supporters were suspicious since the news story had very few accompanying photos.

Discussion of the details around the rumours

The South Korean Newsgroup Dispatch was the one that first reported that the two K-pop artists had been dating for more than a year. Thus, it is logical to assume that this is where the rumours started. There were also pictures of the two of them speaking at Dragon’s apartment in the G-Hannam-dong area of Seoul. Dispatch has developed a bad reputation among K-pop fans for their habit of revealing the personal lives of the artists they cover. The identities of the couples whose pairings have been speculated about the most are disclosed on December 31 of each year.

Once the first claims of a romantic connection were made, YG Entertainment issued a statement saying they could not comment on the personal lives of any of its artists. In the music video for “G-That Dragon’s XX,” we first caught a glimpse of Jennie and him on film. When it was published in 2012, Jennie was approximately 16 years old, and G-Dragon was probably around 24. The large gap in the age separating the two performers was a topic of conversation among their different fan groups, and many individuals shared their thoughts on the subject.

As was the case the last time these rumours appeared, a good number of the couple’s dedicated fans begged the press and the general public to quit digging into their private life. As neither YG Entertainment nor the singers have confirmed the relationship, all that can be said is that it is only speculation. Since making their first declaration, the government agency has not provided any more remarks or answers to the public.

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