Is Keke Wyatt pregnant again? R&B singer announces eleventh pregnancy, Details explored!

Keke Wyatt, who is now expecting her eleventh child and the rest of her family, could not be more thrilled about the news. The singer’s second child was fathered by Zackariah Darring, her third and most recent marriage. On February 20, Wyatt made the happy announcement that she was expecting a child by sharing a photo of herself on Instagram. In the picture, she was wearing a red silk dress and her stomach was decorated with henna. She added a finishing touch to her platinum blonde hair and painted her nails bright red.

Zackariah David Darring, my husband, and she were overjoyed to announce the wonderful news that our ever-expanding Wyatt Bunch will soon be welcoming a new member who will complete our family perfectly! Her post also included gratitude for the glam squad responsible for giving her that one-of-a-kind look. The due date of Keke’s kid and the gender of the unborn child are both unknown at this time.

Keke Wyatt’s family and personal life

Rahmat Morton, Keke Wyatt’s first husband, served as her tour manager throughout their time together. They have a son by the name of Rajah Ke’Morton, a daughter by the name of Ke’Tarah Victoria Morton, and a son by the name of Keyver Wyatt Morton. During a domestic violence episode that made news in 2001, Wyatt claimed that she stabbed Morton in self-defence to protect their children.

However, Morton was never prosecuted for any misconduct, even though Wyatt’s story made headlines. There have been several instances of physical conflict between the two parties ever since the actress filed for divorce from Rahmat for the first time in 2009. Later in their marriage, Keke fell pregnant with a daughter, but unfortunately, she passed away while she was still in her mother’s womb.

The 39-year-old woman and Michael Jamar Ford ultimately finalised their wedding plans in the following year, in 2010. She was a significant figure in the upbringing of all six of Michael’s children, including their two sons, Ke’Mar Von Ford and Wyatt Michael Ford, and Mickayla, Michael’s daughter from a prior relationship. The seventh kid that was born to the famous TV actress was a girl, and her name was Ke’Yoshi Bella Ford.

After that, she announced that she was expecting baby number eight in April of 2017, and by September of that same year, the rumour had spread that Wyatt and Ford were getting divorced. Next, on October 27, 2017, the woman who was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, welcomed a boy into the world who was given the name Kendall Miguel Ford. This was her ninth kid overall. August of this year marked the finalisation of their divorce proceedings.

Keke Wyatt married Zackariah Darring, the boy she had a crush on when they were young, in October 2018. Wyatt announced on the 14th of October 2019 that she was expecting her ninth child. This will be Wyatt’s ninth child. The singer-songwriter recently announced that she is expecting her eleventh kid on the same day she gave birth to her tenth child, Ke’Riah David Darring, on January 6, 2020.

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