Is Your Profile’s Credibility At Risk For Buying TikTok Followers?

TikTok followers add a great deal of visual sophistication and success story to a TikTok profile. 

However, out in the outskirts, some people say that buying TikTok followers threatens one’s credibility on the platform. 

Indeed, their assumptions can be very much true for a newbie wanting to gain 5k followers overnight. 

If done properly, buying TikTok followers not only maintains credibility but also boosts it. And lucky for you, we know just the right way of purchasing TikTok followers. Let’s start

Buy followers in batches

People like to get suspicious over the smallest, insignificant things. And the sudden burst of your TikTok followers will give them the right chance of becoming suspicious of your online presence. 

Don’t give people a chance to become suspicious of just followers. The best way to do this is buy TikTok followers in batches, and not all at once. 

Say you want to buy over 5k followers. Divide them into batches of 1000 and 500 spread out over a week perhaps. This way, people will simply assume that your followers are growing organically. Or you can buy 100 TikTok followers the first day, then buy 1000 TikTok followers the other day. Easy peasy. 

No one will even bother checking your followers, since everyone will think that you’re getting famous every day because of the fantastic content you offer. You can use such services to buy followers in batches. You can also use their drip-feed feature that’ll deliver your followers in batches.

Keep an eye on the post engagement 

Post engagement is another thing that makes people suspicious of their online presence. Remember, your main goal is to keep suspicious as much away from yourself as possible. 

If you have many followers on your account, while the engagement on your post is very low. It rings the bells for fake followers or bought followers very loud. Hence, to keep suspicion away from yourself as much as possible, always remember to buy TikTok Likes whenever you buy TikTok followers online. 

Buying views is also very important. Because a person with a lot of followers will naturally have a high number of views, so naturally, if someone has fewer views along with a large number of followers, anyone with common sense will suspect Bligh followers. Same is the argument to buy TikTok likes

As for the comments, they’re pretty tricky to buy in the first place since a lot of comments tend to be spammy and completely irrelevant. But if your post has a generalized subject, it’s a great idea to buy comments since it will boost credibility and trust among your audience. 

But if by chance, some comment gives a spammy and irrelevant vibe on your post, people can become suspicious very quickly. As the old saying goes, the eyes do not see what the mind does not know. 

Hence, comments can be a little risky for a subject-specific post. But if they are bought properly and from an authentic website, they can boost credibility very much. 


Buying followers on TikTok threatens credibility when you don’t follow other steps recommended with it. But, if you do them like a professional, no one will even suspect that most of your followers are bought, followers.

Don’t worry about these steps draining your bank account. Sure, they will require a small amount of cash, to begin with. But remember, they are for the greater good. To boost your social presence and help you achieve your goals and dreams more quickly. 

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