Island Boy KodiyakRedd’s girlfriend is charged with assault

There has been an increase in the number of couples who break up and then get back together, but not all of the breakups are as dramatic as the one that Island Boy had with Montaisha Shanell. The lady has levelled the accusation of assault against the rapper at her. The artist also shared a video that showed his fiancee in incredible pain after she had been assaulted by him. Let us begin by informing you that she is a well-known celebrity since Kodiyakredd, also known as Franky Venegas, is romantically involved with her. A great number of people have spoken out in defence of the lady, despite the fact that she is his girlfriend because they believe that this is not an acceptable way to treat a woman, regardless of the fact that she is his girlfriend.

Island Boy Fight with his girlfriend Montaisha Caught on Tape

A fight broke out between Kodiyakredd and Montaisha Shanell, and it was caught on tape. On Instagram Live, there are a number of videos that show the two individuals being abusive to one another. Kodiyakredd can be heard in the background of one of Montaisha’s Instagram Live videos, ranting at her. September saw the posting of another Instagram Live video featuring her, this time discussing how Kodiyakredd had beaten her.

In the end, she came clean about the situation in a video that was uploaded on YouTube in December and said that she had had enough of everything. She has been claiming to her audience for the last several months that he has been physically abusing her on a daily basis. She goes on to state that she is over with him, but she doesn’t care if his fans continue to show their support for him. She also alleges that she has had enough of people abusing her and lying to her about things.

Island Boy Getting Punished by His Girlfriend

In April of 2021, the alleged assault on Island Boy Kodiyakredd by his girlfriend Montaisha was recorded on tape. In the first version of the Instagram Live video, Shanell can be seen punching Kodiyakredd as he is crying in the backseat of the car. Montaisha maintained that he was the one who had caused the split in her lip, and she screamed for him to see it. It would seem that the rapper got into an argument with her, and at that point, she had exhausted her capacity for tolerance.

Since she seemed to be in excruciating pain, it is reasonable to believe that she made the decision to fight back and give him what he deserved. After she started to fight back, he became angrier and began to squat down in a defensive position. It is quite probable that his desire to avoid being recorded on tape was the driving force behind his choice to duck. On the other hand, he showed signs of being frightened by her and responded by beating her as well.

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