VPN stands for a virtual private network that helps in setting up a connection between you and the Internet. All the data traffic is routed through an encrypted virtual tunnel provided by a VPN that disguises your IP address while you are using the Internet and even makes your location invisible to everyone. This is also a secure network against external attacks. It is difficult to track the activities online and steal data while using VPN to encrypt your network. If you are finding the best way to get a free VPN for Windows then here is the correct option of iTop VPN that provides undoubtedly the best free VPN for Windows.

Free VPN for Windows

iTop VPN has the needs of the user as its priority and therefore is not limited to its bandwidth. You can easily download or upload and surf the web without limits. Free VPN provides you many proxies to choose from since it has different modes and an excellent and extreme security level. Please different modes of free VPN provide you an excellent game more that help the gamers in moving with a lightning speed network. This is a very flexible network that can deal with all kinds of network dealings.

This is a dedicated streaming network with its server all around the world. If you think that hackers and crackers can threaten you while using iTop VPN and then this is wrong as this is the safest network. The network having different modes to choose from but it does not mean that you could not choose a single mode for a long time. You can choose any mode as long as it suits you the best.

Features That Makes iTop VPN Special

iTop VPN provides you and cares about your online privacy and security. You can use any bandwidth while using the network. Unlimited bandwidth could be used with the fastest speed of internet and any restrictions. The encryption is done by a free VPN to ensure that your data is fully private and is always safe and protected. The company even does not track ok or store your data full stop your internet history is always hidden. There are services all over the world and covering most of the countries giving them high-speed networks with no restricted content. You can easily unblock geo-restrictions by using a free VPN for Windows. You can easily make others access to the content that is not available in your region. And you can have access to streaming services and online games easily. iTop Free VPN also blocks all the internet traffic as soon as it detects that the system has stopped working.


The demand for VPNs has risen so much with the use of Windows that you will find so many networks available on the internet. iTop VPN is the most secure app that helps you to surf the internet privately and safely. Free VPN for Windows is liked by most of the users without their internet dealings being traced. No information about you could be led out to the public while using this network.

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