J Balvin Receives backlash for imitating BTS’ ARMY Bomb design Details discussed

When urban rapper J Balvin’s new merchandising contained a lightstick item that everyone was familiar with from the BTS lads, K-Pop fans took note of him as a new artist to watch. K-Pop performers are defined by their music marketing, fandom colours, fan chants, and concert usage of light sticks. Every idol group has its very own special lightstick design, which honours not only the members of the group but also the fans that support them. In the case of BTS, the recognizable ARMY Bomb has seen several transformations throughout its career while always preserving its trademark colours. It was unavoidable that comparisons would be made when J. Balvin recently revealed the new selection of official merchandise for his new tour, which included a “Light with a handle” for his Jose Tour. 

What is a lightstick?

Lightsticks are a kind of merchandise that allows K-pop singers and their followers to express themselves creatively. During performances, each artist and group use a light stick that is a distinct variation on the colour spectrum and has a distinctive design. This product is provided in a wide variety of iterations, allowing customers to choose the variant that best meets their requirements.

In addition, the logo and colour of each fan club can be seen imprinted on the K-pop lightsticks sold. In this scenario, the artists or their supervision organization agree on a certain shape. This form is more than just cheering sticks; it serves the more complex aim of communicating encouragement. BTS’s distinctive lightstick is called the ARMY Bomb, a white spherical with BTS inlays on the structure; the hold’s back is black.

This character is meant to symbolize the band’s desire to dominate the music scene worldwide. Fans may now link the lightstick to their Bluetooth devices to change the colour of the lights, a capability that was not accessible in the past.

J Balvin used a product that BTS Army originally developed

J Balvin, a rapper and performer from Colombia, came under fire on March 19 from BTS fans for what seemed to be a fair rip-off of the K-pop boy group’s show merchandise, the lightstick. The criticism arose as a result of J Balvin’s performance at the BET Awards. The fact that J Balvin’s official online shop is now offering something that has been characterized as “a brilliant white handle” has led the artist’s name to trend on Twitter.

J Balvin’s JOSE Tour 2022 kicks starts in 2022. Additionally, it states that it is a “limited artwork produced by J Balvin” on the products packaging. J Balvin has been called out by observant fans of the Korean boy band BTS for imitating the ARMY Bomb dance move that is performed by the band’s real fans at concerts and other events. The item in issue was promptly deleted from the official Colombian artist website after it sparked a major uproar on social media since it had caused the uproar.

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