Jack Wright Assault Video Faces Backlash and Trending “Cancel Sienna Mae” on Twitter, Details discussed

Sienna Mae Gomez is firing back at her haters. After being accused of sexual assault by her ex-friend Jack Wright earlier this year, the TikTok star, now 18 years old, has returned to social media with a new YouTube video. In the one-minute clip captioned I hope they cancel me,” Sienna can be seen lip-syncing to Dominic Fike’s “Cancel Me” while relaxing on a beach. An opening credit reading, “This video was produced by cancel culture”, is shown.

Jack Wright’s allegations cancelled Sienna Mae

When Sienna Mae was finally cancelled in the spring of 2021, it came after weeks of rumours that she and Jack had broken up. Mason Rizzo, one of Jack’s close pals, tweeted more about what transpired. Mason accused Sienna of sexually abusing Jack many times despite Jack setting clear limits in their relationship in a now-deleted post. Mason said that Sienna had a history of verbal abuse, putting her development ahead of others, and had threatened Jack to kill himself.

Mason removed his initial post and then indicated in a subsequent tweet that the individuals involved had decided it was better to tackle the topic offline. Sienna responded to the charges in a now-deleted Instagram post and called them untrue. False accusations of sexual assault are always unacceptable. Sadness overwhelms me at the thought of what has happened. I need to have a private conversation with Jack before we can proceed, but I think it’s necessary for the sake of everyone involved. 

Jack uploaded a video on YouTube explaining his perspective

Jack sent a video on YouTube on January 20, 2022, explaining what Sienna Mae had done to him. In it, he expresses his agreement with the contents of a now-deleted tweet by his buddy Mason Rizzo, in which Rizzo claimed that Sienna Mae sexually assaulted Jack numerous times after he had set limits and encouraged Jack to kill himself. Jack claims Sienna Mae’s video “hurt a lot” was mostly incorrect.

After a TikTok creator tells him what he went through was a trauma, he breaks down in tears and narrates the video. Jack details how he first met Sienna Mae via a mutual acquaintance and how she cheated on that man. After she went viral many times, she asked Jack to Los Angeles for an interview, and he gladly agreed. Jack specifies that they were both aware that their relationship was mutual. He claims that when she was in Los Angeles, she spent most of her time hanging about and chatting with other men.

They collaborated on video projects and began having a good time. He was straddled as she stripped down. He yanked her away from him and disappeared. Despite admitting to having done certain things “wrong and sloppy,” Sienna insists that she is not the only one to have done so and that she is being falsely accused of being a “rapist” despite her claims to the contrary. After the conversation, she says she’s sorry “if there were moments that I made you feel uncomfortable” or “triggered” Jack. Also, Sienna says she’s sorry to anybody she “offended with my stupidity in reacting to these false charges,” including victims of sexual assault.

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