James Charles’s Tucking Story Turns Away Over 100K Instagram Fans, Details explored!

James Charles, a makeup artist and beauty YouTuber based in the United States, was recently engaged in another incident that resulted in the loss of more than one hundred thousand followers on Instagram. The YouTuber said he lost over 80,000 followers in less than 24 hours after publishing a picture of himself that revealed private parts of his life on the platform. James Charles is a well-known character in the world of beauty-related content on YouTube. His channel now has 24 million subscribers, and he often posts videos there discussing new beauty products, issues, and trends in the industry.

James Charles lost 80,000 Instagram followers overnight

This week, a beauty influencer who is 23 years old uploaded a picture of his tuck and declared on his Instagram Stories that he had lost more than 80,000 followers in a single day as a direct result of posting the photo. It would seem that Charles took full advantage of the good weather by spending the whole week shooting at the pool. Twerking can be seen him doing in one of his Instagram photos, and he is wearing a multicolour one-piece swimsuit that has a variety of cut-outs in it.

The Twerking Video of James Charles

The YouTuber’s May 25 Instagram highlight reel received a lot of likes and comments from his subscribers. People on the internet were eager to point out his ample posterior region and the lack of a tight-fitting bulge. Viewers began concluding and abandoned their claims that James had a Brazilian Butt Lift. In other remarks, someone even suggested that he had his genitals mutilated due to the allegations. James’s fan base began to dwindle when he posted a twerking video online, so clearly, the clip was not well received. In addition, James posted a photo of himself tucking on Instagram Stories. Tucking, for the unfamiliar, is a method of concealing the sexual organs often used by drag queens, nonbinary persons, and Trans women. The YouTuber seems to be making the last adjustment to his shipment in the photo he has posted.

Instagram users began unsubscribing James

People who followed James on Instagram before he posted the horrifying tucking photo began unfollowing him soon after. Twitterati, usually on the cutting edge of culture, moved to Twitter to implore their followers to “Stop posting James Charles tucking himself on my feed” when the story went viral. With thousands of followers gone in the wake of the tucking scandal, it’s safe to say that James’s efforts to make apologies were unsuccessful. After uploading the aforementioned “tucking tale,” James said on Instagram Stories that he had lost 80,000 followers that day. Please accept my deepest condolences for the fact that you and your tiresome company will not be missed. As of May 26th, according to Social Blade, James has lost 83,213 followers. It’s hardly surprising that the YouTuber would lose more fans, given the speed at which the photograph is being shared online.

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