Jauncy’s Ex-girlfriend accuses Dev of ‘manipulating’ women and ‘cheating’, Details explored!

Recently, the prominent TikTok user Jonny Devaney, better known by his username “jauncydev,” has come under criticism for reportedly cheating on his ex-girlfriend with many women. His username better knows Jonny Devaney. TikTok Kristina Maione, who also has a YouTube channel, broke up with JauncyDev after seeing a video on TikTok that he is seen as manipulating women. It is well knowledge that JauncyDev is famous for his comic skits and TikToks. In these films, he poses a question to viewers, in which he invites them to hypothesize on the kind of people that various breeds of dog may grow up to be. Because so many individuals have tried to copy what users do on TikTok, the platform has its trend named after it. JauncyDev’s TikTok channel, which now has one million followers and over 25 million views, was produced by JauncyDev.

Issues with JauncyDev and Claims of Manipulation on His Part

TikTok and YouTube commenter Kristina Maiore recently published a video in which she accuses JauncyDev of deceiving her and cheating on her with many women while possibly exposing them to the COVID-19 virus. Maiore also claims that JauncyDev exposed her to the virus. According to what Kristina has learned from Jonny, “his mum used to have cancer just as my mom used to have cancer,” which means that he, too, needs to be extra careful to avoid being exposed to covids. She had no idea that JauncyDev was seeing several other women simultaneously, perhaps putting all of them at risk of contracting Covid-19.

Another poster swiftly jumped on the bandwagon and said that Jonny had just ended their relationship with her buddy for no apparent reason. After the news of Jonny’s affair became public, a deluge of women who had the same relationship came forward. In the video that Kristina uploaded, she makes the charge that JauncyDev used his history of mental illness and horrific events as a tool to impose power and control over women. This allegation is made in the context of the video that Kristina released. In addition to this, once Kristina and the other women confronted JauncyDev about his manipulation and cheating, he completely cut off all communication with Kristina and the other women.

Trolls on TikTok vs JauncyDev

Following the revelations made by Kristina, a sizeable number of JauncyDev’s former patrons vented their outrage in an open forum about how dissatisfied they were with the company. Others were confused as to why he had ceased publishing after April, and many individuals were anxious to leave negative comments on his most recent TikToks and social media posts. To this far, JauncyDev, also known by the nickname Jonny, has not replied to any of the messages sent to him. You may view his most recent TikTok upload, published on April 30th, 2021, by scrolling down to this page section. On the other hand, there has been no communication coming from Kristina up to this point in time.

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