Jean Paige Turco measurements, bio, height, weight, shoe and bra size

Many famous actresses are out there, and Jean Paige is one of them. She is considered one of the great actresses born in Massachusetts, U.S. She has become the best actress who also studied lots of courses related to ballerina. She is one of the best theatre artists who had already performed soloist in The Company of Amherst Ballet Theatre. She is already suffered from a leg injury from the 14th age. Nevertheless, she has become one of the most famous theatre artists who attained a degree in Connecticut. 

Jean is considered one of the great theatre artists who has already established her excellent career in acting by playing a variety of best roles in several comedy moves. She has already performed exceptionally great in dramas as well. When it comes to the best American Actress, Jean Paige is the foremost name that comes to our mind. Such incredible actress is already famous for their outstanding roles like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III. If you want to know why Jean Paige is the most famous actress, you should carefully read the following essential paragraphs.

How Did Jean Paige Get Famous?

Jean Paige is the best actress who has already established her excellence in acting by playing a variety of best roles in comedy movies. She has already performed exceptionally significant roles in drama as well. She is considered one of the most popular and versatile actresses who has don lots of movies. This famous actress made their acting debut in 1987 on CBS opera. She is a versatile actress who has done various movies like All My Children As Melanie Cortlandt and others. It has also initiated another short-lived series: CBS’s cult classic American Gothic. She is continually playing versatile roles in various series, and she has played an exceptionally significant role in Episode 15th of Life on Mars. Therefore, if you want to know why Jean Paige is one of the most popular actresses, you should read the complete article carefully.

By 2003, such incredible actress has also initiated their career in the drama series of CBS. She had done various significant roles in NYPD Blue as an officer. This famous actress has also started a regular series in The CW post-apocalyptic drama series. She is one of the great actresses who have done exceptionally significant roles in various movies and television shows. 

Jean Paige Height & Weight

Undoubtedly Jean Paige is considered one of the fittest actresses in the film industry, which has already offered a variety of best films and television shows. According to professionals, Jean Paige is already claiming that her fit body continually motivates her to move ahead in life. The weight of such a fantastic actress is 110lbs (50kg), and height of her is 5’4″ (163cm). She has the best actress who perfectly maintains her weight as she isn’t missing working out every day. On the contrary, she is investing considerable time in exercise. 

Jean Paige Dating History

No doubt, Jean Paige is considered one of the most trendy celebrities. Many newspapers and news channels are continually publishing several rumours of her relations. In case we talk about reality, Jean Paige is one of the great down to earth actresses who married Jason O’Mara in 2003. They have one child together. David is a kid of Jean Paige, born in 2004 February and died when she was an infant. After 13 years, both had separated. Has already filed for divorce. She also needs custody of their beloved son. According to the resources, Jean Paige also needs spousal support.

Full name- Jean Paige 

Date of birth- 7th May 1965 ( age 56)

Age- 56 years

Occupation- actress

Nationality- American

Horoscope- Taurus

Spouse- Jason O’Mara

Children- Son

Siblings- David

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Jean Paige Body measurement

Jean Paige has become the best actress with a fantastic look and an excellent body measurement of 36-26-35 inches (91-66-89 cm). The size of her bust is 36 inches & the waist size of such a great actress is 26 inches. You will find that every girl will surely dream of having a hot and sexy figure like her, but in reality, it is pretty challenging to maintain weight. She has become the best actress for many reasons, and she has a great fanbase from audiences across the world, and they are already impressed by her size body. She has a great figure continually attracting others, and the fanbase of such a famous actress is great on social networking platforms.

 You will find many people are already amazed that even after facings lots of struggle & having a baby the shape of the body seems to be great. This famous actress always believes that her successful career has already been sustained just because of the considerable amount of effort she has already put into her body. She is continually investing a considerable amount of time in the gym and improving her overall fitness level. She is considered one of the most hard-worker actresses.

Jean Paige Bra & Breast Size

Jean Paige wears a 36 B bra size & her size of the cup is B. She is excellently maintaining her body. The size of her breast is 26 inches that suit her body & give her a fantastic look. Every person is continually admiring their face. The personality of such a famous actress is appealing. Jean Paige has become the best actress who has already won the hearts of so many people not only because of their fantastic actions but also by her stunning look. You can also check some hot and sexy pictures in their Instagram account where she looks sexy.

Height- 5 feet 4 inches

Weight- 50 kgs or 110 lbs

Bra size- 36B

Cup size- B

Breast size- 36 inches

Body measurement- 36-26-35

Waist size- 25 inches

Shoe size- 6.5

Eye colour- brown

Hair colour- White Brown

Natural or breast implant- natural

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