Jeffree Star discusses Kanye West affair rumours on Impulsive

On June 14, 2022, Jeffree Star was a guest on the podcast Impulsive, which Logan Paul hosted. During their talk, Jeffree Star talked about some of the trouble and controversy that has been going on around him. During the talk, Paul brought up an old rumour that Star had a relationship with Kanye West. The rumour says that the event happened in the past.

The expert on beauty products denied the claims and said the following:

Someone did say things about you and Kanye. It was such an easy mistake to see. When people heard Kim and Kanye were getting divorced, the rumours began to spread. This happened a few months before the terrible thing that happened to Star in Wyoming.

As talked about on the Impulsive podcast, the dating scene

Logan Paul asked Star about his dating life and whether he must “work” to get dates. In response, the beauty mogul said, __I don’t have to work to get dates. After this (interview), we’ll show you my phone, where you’ll see all of your friends and other rappers sending me their f*cking n*des via direct message. So I don’t have to do any work. So, they are there whenever I decide to do something fun. He said that people feel safe going on dates with him because he doesn’t ask for their dates’ names in public and doesn’t tell anyone about them. He said:________They can’t trust anyone, not even big-name stars or rappers. They just can’t. They are worried that other people will take videos of them to expose them and do other embarrassing things, but I don’t give a rat’s behind about any of it.

When the talk turned to the people Star had dated in the past, Mike Majlak, one of Paul’s co-hosts, asked Star about the rumours that he was dating Kanye West. Star responded by saying that the rumours were false and that he was not dating Kanye.

That was clear since I live in Wyoming, and my address is Hidden Hills. We are both people who live in the same area. It goes with the plan that was made.

There have been rumours that Kanye West and Jeffree Star are going out together

TikTok founder Ava Louise, also known as “Toilet Girl,” started the rumour when she tried to start a “Coronavirus Challenge” by filming herself licking a plane’s toilet seat.

Louise made the following claims in a video she posted to TikTok in January 2021:

Several people in the scene have said, Kanye has been hooking up with a well-known male beauty guru for a long time. She didn’t say anyone’s name in her video, but she liked a comment that made her wonder if the beauty expert she was talking to was Jeffree Star. Based on her, the answer was thought to be “yes,” and word quickly spread about the event. At first, Star didn’t say anything about the rumour, but in an interview with US Weekly, she called it “bizarre.”

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