Johnny Depp, who used to be one of his best friends, supposedly had a “jealous streak” and felt bad for Nicolas Cage

Bruce Witkin, a music producer who used to be friends with Johnny Depp, said in court on Thursday that the actor had a jealous side regarding his relationships with women. Johnny Depp was a jealous person, Witkin said in court. He also said there was a time in his life when he was jealous of Nicolas Cage and Adam Ant.

When they were in a band together in Florida, Johnny Depp and Bruce Witkin were friends. Witkin runs the record company Unison Music, which he owns. After the legal dispute was over, the actor chose to stop talking to him. This made their relationship worse. Witkin said that he had never seen the actor physically hurt Heard, and he told the court this many times while on the stand.

Trouble controlling

But after a fight between them, he saw that she had bruises on her arms. Witkin continued his courtroom testimony by saying that Johnny Depp may have some jealousy in him._______ He said the actor was acting strangely because his ex-wife Lori Anne Allison was friends with Nicolas Cage and Adam Ant. Lori Anne Allison is Witkin’s sister-in-law. He said the actor didn’t like Lori Anne Allison as much as he should.

Witkin also said that Depp had trouble controlling his jealousy during the 14 years he was with Vanessa Paradis. Witkin used the word “stupid” to describe the same situation. Witkin talked about Johnny Depp’s history of jealousy regarding Amber Heard during the defamation trial. Witkin said he couldn’t handle “what would happen” if Heard shot something Depp didn’t like. Witkin said he couldn’t deal with “what would happen.”?

Who is Lori Anne Allison, the woman Johnny Depp got married to?

Lori Anne Allison met the Pirates of the Caribbean star when he was still in his teens and a member of the band The Kids. Allison was the brother’s sister, and she was also a band member. In 1983, they decided to get married. Depp was only 20 years old, while Allison was 25. They both wanted to work in the music business and decided to do it in Los Angeles. This meant that they had to move there. Lori Ann Allison, now Witkin’s sister-in-law, was Depp’s ex-wife in a previous marriage. But when Allison’s hearing started to get worse, she had to make some changes. With the help of her musician friends Adam Ant and Christina Applegate, she got a job in the movie business as a makeup artist.

It looks like Johnny Depp and Allison couldn’t make their relationship work. In 1985, they stopped being together. After that, Lori Anne Allison went into business for herself. In 2015, she launched her line of cosmetics called Serendipity Lip Glosses. In addition to that, she ran her own cupcake business called D’Cups. On the other hand, it seems they didn’t fight a lot when they broke up; Depp is being accused of being abusive.

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