Jordan Hook Subaru’s GoFundMe campaign raises over $10,000 as soaring Tesla smashes into his car at Echo Park, Details discussed!

The video of a Tesla vehicle crashing into a street in a neighbourhood in Los Angeles went popular on social media, but Jordan Hook was not thrilled with the risky prank. After his Tesla crashed into Echo Park Street, the singer started a GoFundMe campaign to seek money to fix the terrible damage to his automobile. Also targeted was YouTuber Alex Choi, who maintained that no cars were harmed during the prank. The driver, now known as YouTuber Durte Dom, sent his Tesla Model S skyward from a hilltop at midnight on Sunday. And then it landed on Baxter Street, one of the city’s most precipitous stretches of real estate.

Hook’s Subaru Forester took the brunt of the Tesla’s impact, contrary to earlier reports that no vehicles were damaged during the shooting. For part-time substitute teacher Jordan Hook, the front tires, steering column, and suspension were all ruined. Dom’s actions resulted in significant damage to the musician’s Subaru, despite the fact that the musician had just spent $5,000 replacing the engine. In an interview with Vice, Hook discussed the motivations for his decision to organize a fundraising event. In addition to that, he created a short movie in which he explains the present situation.

Jordan Hook’s video gets DMCA’d by Alex Choi

YouTuber Alex Choi has been identified as the one responsible for the prank. Over 1.5 million people have seen his film, “a flying tesla,” as of this writing. Choi said in his video that the driver of the Tesla spotted a stray cat on the street, fed it, and then placed the animal inside the car. He guaranteed nobody on the bus, including the cat, was hurt while shooting. Choi also demanded that Hook’s first video was explaining why he established a GoFundMe be removed under the DMCA.

According to reports, the content producer behaved this way because Hook copied a segment from his film. Hook told Vice that he was feeling overwhelmed by the number of potential solutions to the problem of his wrecked automobile and that it would take some time before he could make a decision. It’s a lot to handle for one person, and it’s particularly difficult for someone who is now unemployed, broke, and careless. This is a little version of contemporary civilization.

In response to Jordan Hook’s inquiry, the Los Angeles Police Department informed him that a detective would be working on the Tesla jump case. According to Detective Calvin Dehesa, the automobile shown in the video was hired through Enterprise. However, who rented the car is still unknown. When someone is struck by a car and then takes off, the driver is guilty of a misdemeanour. As of the time this article was written, the GoFundMe campaign that Jordan Hook had launched had raised a total of $14,244. The biggest gift came from Alex Choi, who put in $2,000. The goal of the fundraising is $20,000.

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