Jose Trinidad Marin measurements, bio, height, weight, shoe, and bra size

Jose Trinidad Marin is popularly known by the other name Tino Marin. His first wife is a famous singer and musical writer, Jenni Rivera. But unfortunately, after their divorce, things became difficult for him. He has the zodiac sign of Aquarius. Jose’s American singer wife was a passionate actress, performer and spokesperson in America.

Jose Trinidad Marin Early Life

Jose’s full name is Jose Trinidad Marin. In 1964 on 15 February, he was born to wonderful parents in California. Although his family belongs to Mexico, they have lived their entire lives in America. Jose is a Christian and follows the same combined heritage. Unfortunately, he was not aware of Jenni because she was not popular at the moment. So they were very young when they both decided to take a further step in their lives. The couple started an intimate relationship, and when she was 17 years old, she became pregnant with her first child.

Moreover, Jose met her in High School. Before deciding to make their relationship official with the marriage certificate, Jose worked day and night in the restaurant and became the administrative manager. The Professional career was vital to him to bring income at home and give a source to the family.

Jose Trinidad Marin Commercial Life

Jose Trinidad Marin was very young when he started seeing his beloved girlfriend, Jenni. It was indispensable for him to find a job because a jobless status would not provide him with love and everyday living. Jose did various positions in the early days to meet all related requirements. When he was 22 years old, he was finally hired by the restaurant owner to look into the administration. He became the administrative manager of American Mexican Cafe with a decent income. He struggled very hard but still asked his girlfriend and later turned wife to focus on her studies. However, he does not want Jenni to sit ideal at home and leave her studies in between.

In contrast, Jenni had different plans for life. She decided to quit her studies to comfortably look after the kids and her beautiful house. However, the couple had several arguments due to the topic, which turned into a massive dispute.

Jose Trinidad Marin’s Children

Jose Trinidad Marin was thrilled when he got the impressive news of becoming a father for the first time. He was very young and jobless at the moment when Jenni told him about pregnancy. It was hard for both of them as one side Jenni was a teenager with pregnancy, while on the other hand, Jose did not have money to support the child’s living. But the fantastic couple and new parents decided to take the opportunity of giving birth to their oldest child in 1985. The couple thought nothing but about their child and named her. Jose was a teenager and did not have any knowledge about Children. She struggled with the pressure of keeping up with her education. 

The couple’s dispute took the place of frequent arguments when Jenni decided to leave her education. Jose conveyance her about co-parenting, and she finally completed her education right at the perfect time. A few years later, after a stable position in the restaurant and decent revenue, the couple announced their second daughter in 1985. The happiness of the former parents was only third Sky with the announcement of a son in 1991. 

Jose Trinidad Marin Family Dispute

Jose Trinidad Marin had beautiful days with the family and the celebrity spouse. But the days became horrible Nights when her younger sister of Jenni claimed that Jose tried to cross the moral lines. In 1997 the confession of the younger sister of Mistreatment and sexual assault came forward. It was a big shock for the entire family of Jenni Rivera. But instead of keeping it under the bed, the family decided to take it to court. The case was filed immediately against Jose in concern of sexual harassment. Later after the physical assessment, the report declared that the younger sister and her beautiful older daughter were assaulted by the brutal man Jose. It became clear that he had not only tried to make the life of his daughter in law bad but also of his daughters. 

The case was open in the public court, and taken into custody for nine years. In 2006 the reports and assessments found with the evidence prove his attempt to rape the girls and mistreat his wife. He was then given 31 years in prison, and his wife divorced in 1992.

Jose Trinidad Marin’s Divorce

Unfortunately, the bad days came after the birth of the youngest kid. The couple makes up to file for divorce. There was a massive mess in the courtroom with the fight over kids’ custody. Finally, the charges of the children were given to Rivera by the court.

Jose Trinidad Marin Life in Prison

Jose Trinidad Marin was found guilty of the attempt to rape and harass the young girls and younger sister. There was a tough one-year interval in legal trials where the actress and the family suffered. The court announced imprisonment as the punishment for sexual assault for 31 years, which made everything clear. Jose asked for the early release, but the judge made it evident that he was sentenced without parole, which means even good behaviour will not help in early release. It became challenging for him not to have any hope of coming out before 31 years. It is devastating for the entire society to know about a father who assaulted his little daughter. However, humans have big hearts, especially daughters who face the trauma in childhood and have forgiven their fathers. 

The younger daughter has a YouTube channel where they describe their relationship and the truth about things that are never going to change. They both forgive their father for the Mistreatment and are ready to love him with an open heart.

Jose Trinidad Marin’s Ex-wife Death

Jose Trinidad Marin agreed on the divorce from Jenni Rivera and had no official contact. Jenni got excellent opportunities due to her incredible talent for singing. She became very popular in America, and there were several places where she made public events. Unfortunately, in 2012 due to the failure of the plane engine, a brutal accident took place where her aeroplane crashed. The accident caused her life. She could not make it to Mexico, where the live event was. Later the news spread like a fire, and the event got cancelled. It was heartbreaking news for many people, especially the family who had never thought of facing such faculty in the early stage. The children did not know about living a life without a beautiful mother.

Moreover, the last ceremony took place in the hometown of Rivera. Then, finally, the beautiful soul was buried in the Chapel Cemetery. Later the incident opened the news of 6 other passengers travelling along with a single for the musical event.

Jose Trinidad Marin Present Life

According to the latest news, Jose Trinidad Marin has been released from the present for having good habits and behaviour. As per the law, when the judge announced the punishment of 31 years in prison, he was given the no parole judgment. But his brother recently came to inform us about his brother getting out for the first time after many years. Sometimes the judge makes the decision but later, as per the behaviour and reports by the police, they can make the amendments in their judgment. The brother also discussed his health and other things. Several people from the family and fans signed against the petition on the release of Jose. It displays that people have not forgotten about the case and are furious about Jose and the action taken by the court in favour of releasing him. 

The people want him to suffer badly inside the prison as long breath. Furthermore, Rosie Rivera offered Jose willing participation in her conference after the release to help people suffering from sexual harassment.

Jose Trinidad Marin’s Trail Details

As per the reports published many years ago, Jose Trinidad Marin was a suspect in the crime. A one-year trial was conducted where evidence was given against his position, resulting in 6 to 8 other cases opening. After a few months of severe practice, the court announced his involvement with a minor in sexual harassment that resulted in severe punishment of more than 31 years. In contrast, he has written a letter to the court on different occasions. He appeals to the judge to reduce his endless sentence and make him a free man based on his excellent behaviour. But the Council has returned his letter and asked him to complete his punishment. 

Jose Trinidad Marin’s Facing The Charges

According to the interrogation with the sister in law, she first came into the public talk to share the details. She mentioned in her testimonial that while playing with the older daughter in the Play Room. She added that Jose kissed her on the neck and then tried to grab her inappropriately. 

After the examination, his old daughter also mentioned in the interview that while travelling for the beach vacation, his father tried to enter the bathroom with her several times. And the very next moment when she woke up, she found herself naked, and her father wanted to brutally put her between the legs. It was the first time she realised that her father was a molester.

More facts on Jose Trinidad Marin

Jose Trinidad Marin was a very caring husband who never wanted his former wife to leave and stay at home. However, the couple had an argument that resulted in considerable controversy on several occasions. Rivera wanted to have a happy and comfortable life for the children.

Jose was born in early 1964, and now he has crossed the age of 57. He celebrates his wonderful occasion of birth on 15 February. Jose has never talked about his ex-wife and children. For many years the family kept a long distance from him after knowing the results of the painful verification of sexual abuse to the older child. As per the news, Jose has tried to assault a coworker in the restaurant sexually. In the first meeting, he attempted to have a sexual attempt on the go worker and when she rejected. After that, he tried to touch him several times in inappropriate places.

Jose Trinidad Marin’s Height And Weight 

Jose has always been a healthy person with 5 feet 10 inches in height and 67 kgs weight.

Jose Trinidad Marin’s Dating History

Jose Trinidad Marin, in the beginning, the period was good with his former girlfriend. His first girlfriend, who then became the mother of three children, was ex-wife Jenni Rivera. But later, he emotionally abused her and then she took the big decision of getting a divorce. In the courtroom, both were trying to share the details about emotional abuse from a different side to take legal control. Finally, the judge decided to give away the controlling power of minor children to the mother. He currently has another relationship with a new wife and is trying to transform into a good man and a loyal father.

Full born name: Jose Trinidad Marin

Nicknames: Trino

Occupation: Retired Restaurant Manager

Religion: Christianity

Date of birth: 15 February 1964

Birthplace: United States

Zodiac sign: Aquarius

Father name: N/A

Mother name: N/A

Sibling’s name: N/A

Spouse/ Girlfriend: Jenni Rivera (Ex-Wife)

Children: Michael, Jacqie and Chiquis

Jose Trinidad Marin’s Body Measurement

Jose Trinidad Marin’s body measurements are not available at the current moment; however, he is in good shape, as per his brother.

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 67 Kgs

Chest size: N/A

Waist size: N/A

Hip’s size: N/A

Dress size: 7 U.S.

Shoe size: 9 U.S.

Eye’s colour: Dark Brown

Hair colour:  Dark Brown

Natural Breast Or Implants: Natural

Have They Gone Under Knife?

No, there was never a need for plastic treatment for Jose. He is not a famous actor or a musician who requires plastic surgery to enhance his beauty. He never paid any attention to the requirements as he has beautiful white skin and a decent body type.

Jose Trinidad Marin’s Net Worth

Jose Trinidad Marin has made a good income from being a retired manager for a famous restaurant in America. Presently his net worth stands at 8 million dollars.


Hobbies: Painting

Favourite Sport: Basketball

Favourite Food: Burger

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