Kartra Features And Picking The Right Pricing Plan

There’s a big advantage when it comes to having everything that your business needs, all in one place. After all, technology can have some type of learning curve. With that being said, the last thing that you want to do is figure out how to use a few new software tools all at once.

This is where Kartra comes in, as it features just about every important tool that you’d need for building and growing your online business. So what is Kartra anyway? Despite its growing popularity, not too many people realize just how powerful of a tool it can be.

What Is Kartra?

In case you don’t know, Kartra is an online platform that allows users to sell their products or services in a cost-efficient manner. Even better, there are many affiliates that also use Kartra for making commissions as well.

There are several advantages when it comes to using this particular marketing tool. With this software, you don’t need to buy any software tools unless you want to create and run webinars.

Kartra Pricing Plans: Picking The Best Option

Given the number of features that come along with Kartra, the pricing plans are quite competitive. With that being said, this isn’t going to be a complete overview of the plans and everything that they have to offer. However, it will help when it comes to deciding what plan will be best for you.

So when it comes to the Kartra pricing plans, what’s the optimal package for the everyday internet marketer? Let’s find out now.

Kartra Starter Plan

The Kartra Starter plan costs $99 per month. This is the lowest priced plan that Kartra offers and is going to be ideal for anyone who is just getting started with their online business.

The Starter plan only allows up to 2,500 leads. So if you’re going to need more than 2,500 leads, then you’ll want to take a look at the next most popular pricing plan that Kartra has.

Kartra Silver Plan

The Kartra Silver plan costs $199 per month but is certainly worth the price of admission. This plan allows up to 12,500 leads, but even better, you get access to many perks that are now unlimited.

A few of those unlimited perks include emails, bandwidth, pages, videos, products, membership sites, team members, and even helpdesk. If paying $199 per month to run your business is a drop in the bucket, then you will certainly want to look into the Kartra Silver plan.

The Last Two Pricing Packages

Kartra also has two more plans which are the Gold and Platinum plans. However, these plans are only good if you want to add more leads to your account. The Gold plan allows up to 25,000 leads and the Platinum plan allows up to 50,000 leads.

Now that the Kartra pricing plans have been covered, let’s look at a few benefits that come along with using Kartra for building your landing pages, sales funnels, membership sites, and so much more.

Kartra Features, Benefits, And Tips

Unlike many other platforms on the market, you don’t need any technical skills to use Kartra. A person with basic computer knowledge can use the tools of this software without any problems. Even better, you don’t have to start your funnels from scratch because Kartra even comes with done for you campaigns.

Given the fact that you can quickly have your sales funnels ready, Kartra allows you to start selling almost immediately after registration. However, you might want to take a little bit more time to get started, and that’s fine.

Kartra also gives small-business owners the chance to try out various advertising techniques without investing in high-cost marketing campaigns. This is done through organic traffic and comes with the best results if you build your list using a lead generation page. If you want to really increase your sales with Kartra, then you’ll want to focus on the following tips.

Tip #1

First of all, you should work on having one high-converting funnel in place. Most marketers get this wrong where they feel that they need as many funnels as possible, and this only leads to a loss of focus and even time. So when it comes to Kartra, create one sales funnel, and focus on making that the best possible sales funnel that you can.

Tip #2

Secondly, you should put more effort into building up your list. It may seem difficult to find time to connect with your audience, but it’s going to allow you to profit many years down the road.

If you’d like to capture even more leads, you can always include an opt-in form on your home page, as well as every other page of your website. This way, you can analyze what your subscribers like the best when emailing them.

Only when you have a list of customers that you can trust, you can then market products and services to.

Tip #3

Lastly, you should consider using Kartra’s helpful analytics and tools. By having an opt-in form on your landing page, you will be able to collect data from your visitors and what they do. With this information, you will be able to adjust your marketing accordingly in order to maximize your conversions.

Last Words

All of these features and more are available within the Kartra platform. If you have a high-end product, offer, or service, then you will certainly be able to benefit from the functionality and features of Kartra. Even better, you just might find yourself on a fast track to growing your business and increasing your revenue, without having to spend additional money on other systems.

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