Kate Beckinsale partly nude selfie sets Instagram on fire

Kate Beckinsale, who is the most famous American actress and model, never steps back to show the boldness to the world. Every time she uploads a picture on social media, it creates waves. The same has happened with the recent selfie that she posted on Instagram.

She is never afraid of anything. The actress who is 45-year old took to Instagram to post the partly nude selfie. The photo is increasing the heartbeat of her fans. The top half of the body is nude. There are many comments that are left by Instagram users. She herself left the caption as this to be the realistic dream, when rushing to work and had forgotten to dress up properly. Another user commented her to be the prettiest women in the world. The other interesting comment is that she did not forget to wear earrings.


The photo is making a huge noise on social media. She is known for posting the hawt pictures of hers on social media to entertain the fans and make them go insane. She has a huge fan following on Instagram where the fans would be waiting for her posts. The beauty is that she looks younger than her age. The image is garnering huge likes from the fans for being bold. Many are appreciating the beauty of this lady, while a few are backlashing. The actress posts these pictures to flaunt her toned and sexy body to the world. In the selfie, she attracts with the silver-coloured earring and loose hair striking the pose to the camera. She sat in the backseat of the car to take this selfie.

She maintained a good physique and revealed that she works six days a week to maintain fitness. There is a strict protein-based diet that is followed by this actress.

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