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Katey Sagal’s full born name Catherine Louise Sagal was born on the 19th of January in 1954. Katey is a 68 years old professional American Actress. Besides being an actress, she is correspondingly a professional singer and lyricist. Some of the famous characters she played in her entire professional acting career include Peggy Bundy and Leela.

She played these characters in movies named as married with children and futurama. The recent filmography projects in which Katey appeared a named as dead to me and rebel. She started her professional acting career in 1969 and is still active in Hollywood. Katey is currently married to Kurt Sutter. Katey has three children, and she is the daughter of celebrity Boris Sagal. Her discography incurs albums like Moon over Brooklyn, gene Simon, Well and Room.

Katey Sagal’s early life!

Katey Sagal was born and brought up in Los Angeles, United States. Katey has four siblings, and they are incredibly famous in the entertainment industry. Katey’s father was Boris Sagal, was an extremely famous television director. After the death of Katey’s mother, his father married Marge Champion. The majority of her siblings are actors. Katey refers to Norman Lear as her godfather. Norman is a famous producer of situation comedies. She acquired her high school education from the Palisades High school. She acquired her college degree from the California Institute of Arts. Her bachelor’s degree majored in arts. 

Katey Sagal’s Journey to Stardom!

Katey blazed the trail of her career in the music stream before becoming an actress. As a singer, Katey performed backing vocals in numerous movies and albums. The original album of Katey was named Well, and after a gap of 10 years, Katey announced her second album named Room. The first album of Katey Sagal went on air in 1994, and the second album of Katey went on air on the 1st of June in the year 2004.  After establishing herself as a professional singer, she started to seek career opportunities in the acting stream. She performed her filmography career’s debut by landing a role in a movie named as a maid to order in which she played the role of Louise. After appearing in maid to order, she appeared in another movie named the good mother playing the role of Ursula. 

Before appearing in movies, she appeared in a television film named the failing of Raymond, and Katey played the role of a Girl Patient in this movie. After appearing in the failing Raymond, her television career took off, and she appeared in numerous television movies and series. 

Katey Sagal’s Filmography and Television Career 

Her filmography carrier includes movies like Maid to Order, The Good Mother, Smart House, Dropping Out, Recess: School’s Out, following tidy, I’m reed fish, futurama: bender’s big score, housebroken, Jack and the Beanstalk, there is always wood stock, pitch-perfect and few more. However, the television career of this American actress is much bigger than her filmography career. 

The television career includes series and television series like the failing of Raymond, the bold ones, columbo, larry, the dream makers, mary, married with the children, mother goose rock and rhyme, tales from the crypt, the earth day special, she says she is innocent, the trail of tears, match show, Duckman, space cases, recess, the chance of a lifetime, bright house, futurama. The recent television films in which she appeared include dirty dancing. After dirty dancing, she appeared in television series like spirit riding free, Mayans MC, shameless and the Conners. 

Katey Sagal’s Height and Weight!

Katey’s characters extremely famous amongst the global audience are Peggy Bundy and Leela. Leela plays a prominent role in the Futurama movie series, and she plays the role of Peggy Bundy in Married with Children. Her body height and weight played a significant role for Katey to land these roles. The body height of Katey is 5 feet 9 inches, which means she is a long statured woman and her listed bodyweight is 66 kilogram. The body weight and body height of Katey depict that she has acquired a very balanced height to weight ratio. She credits her basic workout and diet routine whenever someone asks about her fitness mantra. 

Katey Sagal’s Dating History!

At the begging of her singing career, she started a famous Musician named Freddie Beckmeier. After dating a couple of years, the couple married each other in 1978. However, their marriage did not last long, and the couple filed a divorce in 1981. Later she started to date Jack White and married each other in 1993. After being married to each for almost seven years, Katey and Jack agreed to a divorce. After getting divorced from Jack White, she started to date Kurt Sutter, and they both married each other in 2004. The couple has been happily married since then. Both Kurt and Katey have one daughter, whereas Jack and Katey have two daughters.    

Full born name: Catherine Louise Sagal

Nicknames: Katey

Occupation: Actress, Singer, Songwriter

Religion: Christian 

Date of birth: the 19th of January, 1954

Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, United States

Zodiac sign: Capricorn 

Father name:   Boris Sagal

Mother name:  Sara Zwilling

Sibling’s name: Gregg Champion, Joey Sagal, David Sagal, Liz Sagal, Jean Sagal

Spouse:  Kurt Sutter (m. 2004), Jack White (m. 1993–2000), Fred Lombardo (m. 1986–1989), Freddie Beckmeier (m. 1977–1981)

Children: 3

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Katey Sagal’s Body Measurement!

Katey is equipped with an exceedingly sizzling figure, and her body measurement demonstrates that she has got a curvy voluptuous figure. Her body is measured as 32-24-35 inches. In addition, her chest is measured as 32 inches, her waistline is measured as 24 inches, and her hips are measured as 35 inches.   

Katey Sagal’s Bra and breast size!

Katey has maintained a perfect shape of breasts even at such age, her breasts are measured at 32 inches, and she wears a bra of size 32 B with a cup size of B. 

Height:  5′ 9″ (176 cm in meters)

Weight: 66 kg in Pounds- 145.5 lbs

Breast Size:  32 inches

Bra Size: 32 B

Cup size: B

Body Measurement: 32-24-35

Figure: Hourglass 

Chest size: 33 inches 

Waist size: 24 inches 

Hip’s size: 35 inches

Dress size: 7 US

Shoe size:  8

Eye’s colour: Hazel

Hair colour:  Blonde

Natural breast or implants: Natural 

Has Katey Sagal gone Under Knife?

Even at the age of 68, Katey looks so young that it has sparked rumours to get plastic surgery. However, Katey has no interest in undergoing plastic surgery as she prefers natural beauty over synthetic. The majority of drastic changes in her body after she got pregnant.  

Katey Sagal’s Net worth

The net worth of Katey is $30 million 

Katey Sagal’s Favourites

Favourite Sport: Basketball 

Favourite Food: Thai 

Favourite hobbies: Cooking

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