Keep Your Car AC Running Cool with these 8 Tips

The hot summer weather is here, and the heat is getting on everyone’s nerves. While you can keep yourself cool and calm by using an air conditioner at your workplace and office, you can enjoy the same while driving your car. Your vehicle’s air conditioning system is responsible for providing you with cool air when you drive down long roads in sunny weather, ensuring that you have a comfortable journey. 

The air conditioning system of your car works much better when you keep it in a well-maintained condition. So what are the car AC maintenance tips to keep your AC running cool? Listed below are some of them. 

Run your Car’s AC Weekly on Defrost Mode

Many experts suggest running the air conditioning system of your car weekly for ten minutes in defrost mode on the coolest setting and at the maximum fan speed. This trick helps maintain gas pressure and also keeps the compressor running well. 

When you run the air conditioner in defrost mode, it also helps remove humidity and works well to defog the windshield of your car. 

Keep Your Car Clean 

Keeping your car clean and well-maintained is another tip to keep the AC running cool. Often, dirt and bacteria house the interiors of your car, thus negatively impacting the air conditioning system. Clean your car with a vacuum cleaner at least twice a week to avoid any issues with the cool air. 

Check the Fan Belt 

Checking the fan belt of your car regularly is essential. A fan belt is responsible for keeping the air conditioner in working order. Besides this, it also powers other critical components such as the power steering pump, water pump, and alternator. Check it for any damages and get it repaired quickly if you find one. 

Top of the Car Coolant 

To ensure that your air conditioner delivers cool air, check that the radiator and air conditioner condenser are clean and free from dirt and debris. A clogged condenser often restricts the flow of air across the unit, thus limiting the ability of the system to dissipate the heat produced. 

Flush your Radiator 

Another effective tip to keep your car’s AC running in good condition is to flush your radiator. You should do this every two years. Maintaining the cooling system of your car’s engine helps run at the correct operating temperature. If the car’s engine runs too hot, it may greatly affect your air conditioning system’s performance. 

Clean the Air Filter 

To maintain the cool air inside your car, ensure that the cabin’s air filter remains clean. A dirty filter prevents the optimal flow of air. You can check these filters easily in newer models. If you notice the accumulation of a lot of dust, change it. 

Set a Low Temperature

Setting the temperature at the lowest and adjusting the fan makes your AC system more efficient. This track dries out the air less and also saves some fuel.

If your car includes automatic climate control, lowering the temperature does not make the car cool off faster. Many systems will make all the fan and temperature adjustments automatically. Thus, you do not have to go low every time. 

Opt for AC Servicing 

One of the best ways to keep the air conditioning system of your car in proper condition is to service your car’s AC. You can visit a car AC repair Abu Dhabi shop and get it checked for any problem. The professional will detect leaks or damage to the system and recommend the best action to keep your air conditioning running smoothly. 


We hope the above-listed tips come to your rescue when you are trying to beat the heat sitting inside the car. Follow these tips and keep your car’s AC in a top-notch condition. 

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