Kieran Culkin and Jazz Charton quietly welcomed the arrival of their second child

The woman, who now has two kids, said her second child, a son, was born on August 17. Charton has been putting a slideshow of pictures of their new baby on their website for the past month. In the first one, she sits on a bench with her child in her arms. There are also pictures of her with her two-year-old daughter Kinsey while she was in the hospital.

She wrote in the caption

 One month with our wonderful little son 8.17.21 #gettheepidural,” which was the date the photo was taken. Several well-known friends and fans, such as Anna Paquin and Katja Herbers, told her how happy they were about their new baby.

On May 20, also Charton Coyle’s 34th birthday, she posted on Instagram that she was pregnant for the second time. Charton wore a black summer dress and held their daughter’s hand, who is also Culkin’s child, to show off her growing baby bump. She just put the number “34” in the photo’s caption and added emojis of a birthday cake and an egg hatching.

Charton made fun of the fact that she was pregnant with a “large” baby in June. She posted a series of photos on Instagram with the caption, “At this point, I don’t know what’s a kid and spaghetti.” “I’m a big guy no matter what.”

Her message for father’s day

The same month, Charton sent Culkin a heartfelt message on Father’s Day congratulating him. “I hope your Father’s Day is great! We thought we were getting the hang of being parents when we decided to do it all over again, “She wrote something. So here’s to the calm before the storm of raising two tiny monsters. Isn’t it true that it’s easier to do two things than one? ….. right? ….F**k.”

Charton and Culkin took a vacation to Lake Como before their second child was born. Charton got married to Culkin in 2013. She posted pictures on Instagram to show what they did on their family vacation. Charton wrote this next to a picture of herself beaming from ear to ear: “I only smile this big when I forget I’m pregnant, so thank you, Lake Como, for taking my mind off the impending doom of having a baby for a moment.” Charton took the picture while he was at Lake Como.

The  recent Instagram post

In June 2020, Charton told Kieran that she was thankful that he “accidentally” made her pregnant. She wrote on Instagram at the time, “This is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.” “Hope this person has a great Father’s Day!”

In June, the couple celebrated their ninth wedding anniversary. With the help of their young daughter, Kinsley, they did so by putting pots and pans on their heads. Kinsley told them they had to wear the pots and pans on their heads. Charton joked that since it was their first date night since their daughter was born, they should let her have even more control over their lives.

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