Kim Namjoon Posts Workout Selfie to Console ARMY after GRAMMY Performance, Details explored!

Kim Namjoon, also known as RM, started working out when he was passed over for an award at the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards. This caused BTS fans all around the world to go into a frenzy. BTS has broken new ground by being the first Korean group to ever perform at the Grammy Awards, which took place this past Sunday. The top-charting smash single “Dynamite” by the K-pop quartet got them a nomination for the Grammy Award in the “Best Pop Duo/Group Performance” category, which is one of the most competitive categories in the awards show. “Rain on Me,” a collaboration between Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande, was ultimately deemed deserving of the award.

The failure of the squad to win was a source of disappointment and frustration for a significant number of members of the BTS army all around the world. These fans decided to establish a new hashtag, which they have dubbed the “scammys,” in order to express how frustrated they are with the award presentation. Their initial feelings of loss were swiftly replaced with feelings of pride when they saw Namjoon’s fitness selfie posted on the popular social networking site in Korea known as Weverse. Fans of BTS from around the globe felt relief upon seeing his workout avatar, and they quickly took to Twitter to express their admiration for Kim Namjoon.

BTS fans go wild over Kim Namjoon’s post-workout selfie

Even though they were not victorious at this year’s Grammy Awards, the members of BTS are in high spirits, as seen by their following V Live session, in which they conveyed their sincere gratitude to the members of the BTS Army. Even though Namjoon brought up news headlines suggesting BTS lost, he conducted himself politely and respectfully throughout his statement.

Regarding this matter, the 26-year-old member of BTS attempted to assuage the concerns of the band’s fans by stating, “We didn’t fail to win,” which was taken to imply that the group’s performance at the Grammys was a triumph on its own merits. We created history when we first performed together since we were the first Korean artists to ever be nominated for an award, as a direct result of the throngs of supporters who took to Twitter to gush about the group’s outstanding performance at the Grammy Awards. The group’s humble acceptance speech ended up winning people’s hearts online. This was a direct result of the group’s acceptance speech being broadcast live on television.

The decision that Namjoon made to upload a picture of himself working out resulted in controversy on the internet since his devoted fans couldn’t get enough of him and couldn’t get enough of him. It would seem that Namjoon has been effective in giving BTS supporters a nice diversion from their recent failure at The Grammys as they continue to go crazy over his Weverse photographs. This is shown by BTS fans continuing to go wild over his Weverse images.

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