Lana Rhoades announces pregnancy after split with Mike Majlak, Details of the controversies explained!

Lana Rhoades went to her Instagram on June 1st to publicly announce that she is pregnant. Many viewers of the ultrasound photo speculated that Mike Majlak might be the father since the due date of January 13, 2022, was seen. In February of 2021, Lana Rhoades and Mike Majlak ended their on-again, off-again romance for good. Fans of the now-divorced pair assumed they would never be seen or heard from again due to their continuous disagreement over Mike’s now-famous “pros and cons” list.

Mike Majlak responds to Lana Rhoades’ pregnancy announcement

On June 1st, Lana shared the news on Facebook with an ultrasound picture framed in crimson blooms. With the due date included, followers of Lana Rhoades were given a sneak peek at her forthcoming pregnancy. While most people were thrilled for Lana, others were concerned about who the father may be. Fans have suspected Mike of being at fault for Lana’s pregnancy in the X-rated movie star’s case since the couple’s February breakup. However, it looked as though Mike had questions, causing him to tweet out to his followers asking if anybody had touch with the “Maury” programme, which is known to undertake paternity testing on live television.

Fans interested in learning more about the father

Twitter went crazy with speculation that Mike was the father after he stated his wish to get in touch with the “Maury” programme. After their tumultuous split, many were anxious about the prospect of him and Lana continuing to be connected through a kid. A few people have even suggested that Lana Rhoades, known to earn far more than the ex-Impulsive member, should pay Mike child support. Whether or if Mike Majlak will reach out to the “Maury” programme to schedule a paternity test is still up in the air. Mike’s fears that Lana Rhoades is carrying his kid have gone unanswered.

Lana gave birth in 2022, but the father is unknown

Above the ultrasound in Lana’s original Instagram post was a due date of January 13, 2022. Assuming that its nine months from when she became pregnant implies she conceived around April or May of 2021. This is after she and Mike are supposed to have formally split up in February. Lana officially gave birth to the kid, her first boy called Milo, in January 2022, as predicted. Given that she is nearly fully secretive regarding her personal life, Lana has only posted a single snapshot of the baby on her story with the statement, Mom life is the greatest life.

In the end, despite the particular claims, its likely there’s been someone else in Lana’s life after her separation from Mike that may have pregnant her. It has even been suggested that Lana’s unborn child may be Bryce Hall’s. The two were caught up in a cheating controversy last year when they were accused of going behind Mike’s back. It seemed to be a nice chat when the Hollywood Fix saw them at a restaurant, yet it still managed to make headlines. Clearly, at this point in the game, only Lana herself would divulge the identity of her baby daddy.

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