Latira Shonty Hunt arrested: Corey Benjamin’s Wife Charged in Sucker Punch Case

During a high school basketball game, LatiraShonty Hunt told her daughter to attack an opposing player. It was found out that Hunt’s daughter, who plays basketball at a high school, was the one who attacked the player on the other side. On November 7, during a game that had just taken place in Garden Grove, she encouraged her daughter to attack the opposing player. Lauryn Ham was punched, which caused her to have a concussion and an injury to her neck. Since that time, Latira has been charged with other offences, all of which are allegedly the result of her impact on her daughter.

What is the reason for Latira Shonty Hunt getting arrested?

A month ago, LatiraShonty Hunt was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct after she was allegedly disruptive during a basketball game. Hunt is accused of a variety of offences, including assault as well as contributing to the criminal behaviour of a young person. She might be sentenced to up to a year in prison without possibility. The office of the Orange County District Attorney is quoted in The Daily Beast as stating that the incident might have been avoided if Latira had not made such statements.

She is said to have instructed her daughter, “You better hit her for that,” and then marched up to her adversary and began striking her in the face. Reports indicate that she then continued to fight. The 15-year-old high school student involved in the attack is Latira’s mother’s daughter. Latira is the girl’s mother. She is her father Benjamin’s daughter, and he played in the NBA in the past. Her permanent expulsion from the basketball league directly resulted from the violent disputes between her and other players.

On the video recording of the event, it is possible to observe the girl punching other people. The video begins with the subject falling to the ground after being attacked. The victim’s neck was hurt as a result of the deadly hit that they received. In September, a second video emerged showing the same adolescent fighting at a basketball tournament in Carson due to this event. When two opposing girls came to attack him, the youngster sprang at them with both arms flailing and fists. She was trying to defend herself. If she is found guilty of the allegations brought against him, Hunt faces the possibility of spending a year in jail.

Is Latira Shonty Hunt the wife of Corey Benjamin?

Latira Shonty Hunt and Corey Benjamin do not have a marital relationship. The couple’s daughter, who is 15 years old, has been the subject of several news stories as of late. Corey and Latira never tied the knot, although it is unknown how long they have been together or how long their relationship has lasted. Besides, Hunt has not let the public in on her boyfriend or husband’s identities. On social media, people started posting pictures and videos of the event involving the basketball game.

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