Learn the English Language Online while in Lockdown

Have you been stuck at home waiting for all of this chaos to be done finally? Are you running out of valuable things to do? Are you looking for something that is definitely worth the time? Well, if you have been planning to learn and master the English language, there is no great time but to start while we are forced to stay at home and quarantine.

In this article, we will be breaking down why enrolling in an online English language class while the world is on lockdown might be the best way to spend your time. We will also be sharing with you the most reliable online tutoring platform where you can personally choose your teacher. You do not need to worry about you will figure these things out as we will guide you step by step on how you can enrol and book a lesson.

Learn a new language while in lockdown

Since March of 2020, the whole world was stopped by a pandemic. Every country was suddenly on lockdown, and people were forced to stay at home. With hundreds of protocols and restrictions implemented by the government and advised by health organisations, we pretty much cannot do anything but follow. Since then, all social functions were cancelled, especially those that invite mass gathering. Schools and most businesses had to close down.

Although things start to open up after a year, we cannot deny that the pandemic is still ongoing, and we have to continue following the said restrictions. So, while you are sitting on your couch, finding an activity worth your time, this is the perfect time for you to learn something new and expand your abilities. The best thing that we can suggest is to learn a new language.

Learning foreign languages is something that many of us have been wanting to tick off of our bucket list. Who can blame us, right? Language learning is an excellent way to acquire a new skill that will surely be useful in the future. So, think about the language you have been dreaming of speaking and consider taking an online lesson while you are at home with nothing else to do.

Master the English language through an online platform

If you are from a country where English is not the native language, you have likely been thinking of taking classes to learn and master this universal language. Well, even those who grew up speaking English might not be aware that their knowledge about the language is not that extensive. Some of them are still prone to committing grammatical mistakes. So, if you have the time and the budget, enrol yourself in English tutoring classes.

Most online language tutoring platforms have English as one of the main languages that they cater to. These online platforms are more convenient than ever since we cannot come outside and have face-to-face sessions. All you need to do is register online, sit on your couch, and start with the class.

The best English online tutors

If you are looking for expert English tutors — the cream of the crop — Preply has a large pool of tutors you can choose from. An English tutor on Preply is extensively trained to qualify as a reliable teacher of the English language. Most of them are native speakers, which means they are highly proficient in speaking and teaching English.

Preply offers different type of specialisation in the English language. They have separate lessons meant for teaching kids and beginners. There are also classes for those who want to learn the business and conversational English. Preply also has tutors that can help you with test preps on TOEFL, IELTS, SAT and other English tests.

Right now, Preply has exactly 18,803 English teachers. The platform ensures that all of their tutors are highly qualified in teaching every level of language proficiency — from beginner (A1) to proficient (C2). To make things even better, you have the freedom to choose your tutor depending on your budget and preference. They let you message your prospect tutor first and communicate with them before you settle with one.

With Preply, you can guarantee that you can fluently speak and write in English after a few sets of classes. As long as you are committed and consistent, you would not be running into problems.

Benefits of enrolling in Preply

Online classes are convenient.

Now that we are on a lockdown and are not allowed to go out, online classes are more convenient than ever. You can learn English while sitting on your comfortable couch. As long as you have your device and access to the internet, you can quickly start classes.

Schedules are flexible

If you are still dealing with either work or school stuff, you do not need to worry as Preply classes can cater to any schedule. So if you prefer having language classes in the middle of the night, you can indeed find a tutor that can accommodate you.

Tutors are guaranteed experts.

Tutors are mainly native speakers and have undergone a series of tests and training to make sure they can teach the English language or any other languages. If you want to make sure if you are suitable with a tutor, you can message them or check reviews written by their previous students.

Classes are one-on-one

Your English classes are tailored depending on what you need. Classes and lessons vary depending on the specialisation — beginner, business, or conversational English. Courses are purely one-on-one, so you know your teacher can focus on teaching you during your session.

Classes are cost-efficient

You can indeed find a class and tutor that fits right into your budget. Take courses as low as $2 per session, while more advanced courses can cost more. Rates also depend on the qualifications of the tutor — the best ones usually have more expensive rates.

The platform is easy to access

Preply Space is the video platform exclusive for Preply students and tutors. It is easy to access and user-friendly, so you do not need to worry about navigating within the platform or the website.

Money-back guarantee

Preply offers a money-back guarantee to those who are not satisfied with their services.

Book a trial lesson now!

You can book a trial lesson with your prospective Preply English tutor. This way, you can gauge whether they are the right fit for you before committing to them. If you have a hard time deciding on a tutor, you can always try the “request a tutor” option, where you just have to fill out a form and indicate what you look for in one. Qualified tutors will then find you and contact you.

Once you have chosen a tutor, you can select lesson packages that vary in hours: 5, 10, 15, 20. From there, just consistently attend classes, and you would be on your road to fluency in the English language.

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