Lightfoot Beetlejuice memes abound as Chicago mayor slams Clarence Thomas during Pride parade, Details explored!

At Chicago’s Pride Parade on June 25, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot delivered a harsh critique of Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court Clarence Thomas. After the judgement in Roe v. Wade, which had been in place since 1973, was reversed by the Supreme Court of the United States, one of the justices on the court gave his view about the reversal of rulings that guarantee access to contraception, same-sex intercourse, and same-sex marriage.

Lightfoot, a lesbian and the first LGBT black woman to be elected Mayor of a city in the United States, said she would not stand by the Supreme Court’s verdict. She is also the first black woman to be elected Mayor of a city in the United States. The Mayor of Chicago spoke at the Chicago Pride event, where he criticised Justice Thomas’ views.

As she spoke about Thomas, the event’s audience applauded enthusiastically. The Mayor of Chicago, Lori Lightfoot, added to her criticism of Justice Thomas and his view of previous Supreme Court judgements when she stated, He believes that we are going to watch idly by while they steal our rights, our right to marry, our right to have children, our right to life!

Lori Lightfoot’s remark on Justice Clarence Thomas drew a lot of backlashes

This weekend, the Mayor received a flurry of politically offensive tweets when she publicly attacked Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas in a speech. In response to her comments, several people have made Beetlejuice jokes. Numerous tweets have compared Lori Lightfoot and the iconic “Beetlejuice” character played by Michael Keaton in 1988.

Lori Lightfoot talks about Roe v. Wade on Good Morning America (GMA)

After giving her speech to the Pride Parade crowd, Lightfoot went on Good Morning America, where she was questioned why women would go to Chicago for abortions. The decision to terminate a pregnancy is now up to each state after the overturn of the Roe v. Wade abortion rights verdict in 1973. This permitted around 13 states with Republican majorities to restrict abortions beyond six weeks of pregnancy.

Women from states that prohibit or limit abortions must travel to a lawful state. As a result, women seeking abortions will have to relocate to larger urban centres like Chicago. In the interview, Lori Lightfoot expressed concern for the women who would have to travel long distances to larger cities like Chicago to get the reproductive health care services to which they would otherwise be entitled. After the court upheld the dreadful Texas legislation, we’ve noticed a boost in visitors, and It is expected to grow in the coming months.

On the day of the verdict, the Mayor also posted to Twitter, saying, “It is a bad day in America.” They are not going to give up here, but neither am I. He stated that, in my time as Mayor, Chicago will be a sanctuary for anyone seeking family planning services. However, supporters of abortion rights continue to wait for government legislation to safeguard the procedure.

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