Link building: what is it and what are its benefits?

Have you ever heard of link building? Are you a newbie, or do you already have experience in building valuable links for your website? We are sure that in both cases you will find something useful and exciting in what will be explained to you in this article.

The SEO and link-building landscape is continually developing! In recent years, the necessity of creating good-quality links has never been this high. The need to create campaigns for obtaining high-quality links is essential if you are planning to compete online. These strategies will still weigh website rankings for a long time to come! Backlinks are vital when it comes to good positioning on a search engine like Google. As we will see below, not all links are the same, and they don’t all have the same value among the essential elements that link to your site on other websites must have: relevance, sector specialization, and consistency. These factors help us differentiate “good” from “bad” links.

Definition of link building

Don’t know what backlinks are? Quite simply, they are links between different websites. We talk about return links if someone who browses a particular website clicks on a link and connects to yours. These links can help your site grow on search engines, but they must respect specific parameters.

The link building is the means of procuring hyperlinks located on different sites. A hyperlink, commonly termed a link, is a method for visitors to surf pages or search results on the web. The internet was founded on links, which is why it is such an important SEO factor! Search engines utilize links to browse different pages on the web. Search engine bots (robots) will crawl links between individual pages of your website and crawl links from external websites.

There are many techniques for creating links. Building links is among the most complicated aspect of an SEO consultant’s job. Many of them spend most of their time trying to make link building as natural as possible. They do this by creating valuable content that other websites can share. If you create specialized and valuable content, you can leave the competition behind.

Link building and positioning on Google

All experts agree that the amount and quality of backlinks pointing to a web page make a difference in Google ranking. Things might alter in the future, with the weight of the links being less appreciated, but things will stay the same for a few years. It will help you index better and gain more visitors if you get high-quality direct connections to your website. As Google becomes more adept at filtering out low-quality links, the emphasis on quality is expanding.

There are many other benefits to creating a link building strategy or opting for link building services that is less obvious but still worthy of consideration

What makes a quality link?

Not all links are the same. The following factors add to the usefulness and quality of a link:


Relevant backlinks are more valuable to Google since people are more likely to click on related material. What does this imply in practice? If a blacksmith receives links from two different pages, one about cats and one about weld an iron railing, the latter is undoubted of much greater relevance to users.


Backlinks from web pages with years of presence on Google usually transfer more “authority” than those from more recent pages. Authority has a clear relationship with organic traffic as well. The more traffic a page generates, the more authoritative it will be.


Backlinks from high-traffic pages naturally send more traffic than backlinks from less visited pages. There is a meager but apparent correlation involving ranking and backlinks from pages with high search traffic. So it looks like backlinks on high-traffic sites are more effective for ranking keywords on Google.

Link placement

Many SEO specialists also focus on one aspect of user experience: where to place links and make them more evident? You know, users are much more likely to click on highlighted links! Is this also useful for Google? It seems so! Some links on web pages probably pass to be more authoritative than others in the eyes of search engine spiders.

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