List of 10 K-pop News Items You Need to Hear, Details explored!

Fans made Heardle, a musical version of Wordle, and the name is perfect: you have to listen to the song to guess what it is. Omaske Studios created the first version. The K-pop community didn’t want to be left behind when the music-themed Wordle for musicians like Harry Styles, Taylor Swift, and even One Direction went viral.

 List of top 10 K-pop Heardles


One of the early K-pop Heardle games was BTS Heardle. The game gives players seven chances to predict the music. A tribute to the seven superstars who make up this group, these seven tries are a perfect number. The game lets you gather each member’s BTS-era images and confetti patterns. Since March 2022, the game’s Twitter account has had over 17,000 followers.


When it comes to fan bases, MONSTA X Heardle ranks high. There’s also a subreddit where enthusiasts may submit game feedback. On April 26, 2022, MONSTA X will return with a new mini-album titled Shape of Love. Because MONSTA X member Kihyun tested positive for COVID-19, the release date was moved from April 11 to April 26.


Fans are playing EXO and posting their results online. All of the band’s greatest hits since its inception are available on the app. With SUHO’s return, the game’s playlist will likely expand.


Red Velvet Heardle reminds fans of the female group’s hits and choreography. The band has an extensive discography available in both Korean and Japanese. It’ll be even more fun to try and deduce the tunes now!


TAEMIN has provided the globe with hits, including “Move” and “Flame of Love.” The Want hitmaker’s music game helps fans rediscover and remember TAEMIN’s work.


The creation of ENHYPEN’s Heardle is of recent vintage. About 20 tunes can be played at any given time. Observing how quickly and correctly fans guess each day’s tune will be interesting.


The subdivisions and vast membership of NCT have made it notorious. Heardle has 23 members, four subgroups, and member solos. Therefore it has a long list. NCT Heardle is the name of the game.

Stray Kids

Strays Kids have released numerous punk rock and noise-based hits. Recognizing each song’s title from the given clues can be challenging. The song’s melody can be picked at any point, even a fraction of a second after the intro.


TWICE, a girl trio that performs bubble gum pop also has a game based on Wordle. These same guidelines also apply to this variant. TWICE has released music in both Japanese and Korean. The first two attempts are 1 second long.


THE BOYZ’S game has straightforward rules. Listen to the intro and answer accurately in as few tries as possible. Skips or wrong answers offer more hints.

You can now find a K-pop Heardle for any K-pop group or individual. Fans are also offering tips on social media and assisting others in guessing the music right. The clues are subtle. Even emojis play a factor. A collective K-pop game features songs from different groups. This version, like the vast majority of others, may be found on the Glitch site. The level of difficulty has now increased significantly. It’s also a great way for listeners to rediscover songs they may have missed the first time around.

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