Looking After Your Mental Health During the Pandemic

A lot has happened this year, and although some lockdown restrictions have been eased there are still many who are choosing to remain at home. Some are doing this out of general concerns over their health and the well-being of others, and some have no choice but to quarantine themselves until they recover from COVID-19. While staying indoors as much as possible has its benefits, there are downsides to feeling cooped up for so long. Many people have struggled with their mental health during the last few months, with issues like anxiety and depression taking a sharp rise. If you’re trying to restrict your time outdoors, but are starting to feel mentally low, here are some things you can do to try and ease that feeling.


This is so important! When you’re going through a rough time with your mental health, it can be easy to forget to look after yourself. Take some time out to do something nice, like run a hot bath, watch your favorite movie, or treat yourself to some delicious food. Small acts of self-care and being kind to yourself can be hard when you’re feeling down, but it’s important to try and do this – it will help to cheer you up a little.

Stay Occupied

Another useful tip for looking after your mental health is keeping yourself occupied. Don’t try to overload yourself with work tasks or things that will lead to feelings of stress, though. Instead, find activities you enjoy doing, such as crafting, games, or cooking that require you to focus but without demanding too much from your mind. You can find a lot of these coronavirus essentials that are ideal for positive distractions online.

Use Phone and Online Mental Health Services

If you can’t meet with a therapist in person, don’t be afraid to use a phone or online mental health services if you feel the need to talk to someone. Even if you’re still in contact with your loved ones, sometimes it can be better to talk through your feelings and concerns with a professional as they can offer you advice on how to deal with your issues more constructively. Some charities offer callers the opportunity to talk and get some support if you can’t connect to a medical professional.

Connect with Loved Ones

This is one of the most essential things you can do when you’re trying to take care of your mental health. If you’re feeling low, you might feel as though you want to avoid others or hide the way you feel from them, and this might lead to you isolating yourself. Don’t let your loved ones be concerned about you and trust them to support you if you’re going through a rough patch. Even if you’re only talking over the phone or video-calling, these interactions will help you feel less lonely and are likely to make you feel a bit more positive.

It’s not easy dealing with poor mental health at the best of times, but during times like these, it can become an even bigger challenge. If you’re worried about how you or a loved one is coping right now, think about these tips above and how they can help.

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