Louie Castro and Fernando break up as cheating suspicions emerge online, Details explained

The relationship between YouTubers Louie Castro and Fernando Flores has ended. Despite the fact that they were no longer together, Louie and Fernando continued to have an intense bond. She recently ended her relationship with Louie, a well-known cosmetic artist on the site, and she discussed the split on her YouTube channel. In addition to the post he made on Instagram, Fernando also made a statement on the breakup of the couple.

Why did Louie Castro and Fernando decide to call it quits?

In light of the fact that Fernando has not yet published a video on the matter on YouTube, Louie went there on Thursday, December 23, to do so. From the get, Louie made it clear that he and Fernando are not dating by stating this fact. Their relationship has been at a standstill for the last month. Even though the termination of their romantic connection was fraught with tension, Louie argued that it was not a tragic conclusion. As an explanation for why they are no longer together, Louie said, “it’s simply because I don’t feel anything for you anymore.”

Louie also spoke about how he got to a point where he had to call a stop to both the positive and the bad trends that were occurring. It is necessary to sever ties with that person permanently. The celebrity asserts that the disagreements were about nothing of any importance. Ignoring what Louie had to say, the only thing that kept them from falling apart was their fondness for the good old days. The love they shared became more distant as the years passed.

A Club-Going Fernando Flores Video Has Gone Viral

Another viral video of Fernando has the internet in a frenzy as Louie explains their split. The most recent video seems to have been shot inside of a pub, and in it, Fernando can be seen giving a passionate kiss to a teenager he has never met before. Fans have guessed that Fernando cheated on Louie since the video in question was released on the website a few days ago. The split couple promptly ended the rumours.

In a video uploaded on YouTube, Louie asserts that he and Karl ended their relationship around one month ago. The make-up artist spoke more on the viral film he captured at the club. The actress claims she was dancing with friends when cops arrived. Fans who didn’t seem aware she and Fernando split up misinterpreted the clip. Sebastian says Fernando posted on Instagram. In a series of videos uploaded to YouTube, Louie has recognized that it has been more than a month since the couple ended their relationship.

The make-up artist continued his response by addressing a viral video showing him at a nightclub. Star reveals that people misinterpreted him because they believed that he and Fernando were still dating while, in reality, he was just out dancing with friends at the time in question.

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