Major Political differences between the States that make you think about moving out

The great thing about the United States is that it’s a collection of different areas where anyone can find a place that matches their ideals. The bad thing about the United States is that it’s a collection of different areas full of people with varying ideals. It can be hard to live in a place that doesn’t match your ideology, especially when it starts to trickle down into your daily life or child’s future. Moving is expensive, but many might consider it just to a place that reflects their beliefs. Here are several things that might cause you to want to move out of your state.

Where The Money Goes

Financial issues are a huge issue in politics. On a smaller level, the way your state votes might affect your paycheck or day-to-day life. If you’re against taxes, you might be opposed to a state that’s fond of increasing taxes to expand local programs. If better school systems and public works make your life easier, you might hate how the money-minded vote against taxes to upgrade these systems.

States can also decide things like minimum wage or how much small business should put into offering benefits. Again, some states give businesses a lot of freedom, and this could anger workers who feel exploited. On the flip side, business owners will feel attacked by a state that places a lot of regulations.

Freedom For Vices

The argument around legal Marijuana recently showed how states differ on the topic of indulgence. Some states prefer to give people more freedom as long as they’re not hurting people. Other states prefer to restrict certain indulgences in order to protect citizens from going too far.

Gambling has been a huge topic for this in past years. States that have legalized online gambling and sportsbook apps are showing huge revenue. Like the case of Sports Betting, states such as Illinois show that even small states can take in a lot of revenue like Las Vegas and Atlantic City. The sheer profit has inspired a lot of states to jump on the bandwagon for the sake of their local economy.

For several states, the potential profit from legal casino games and sports betting is too tempting to pass up. Illinois is showing great numbers, and New York City is setting up to be a major player in the business. However, other states have populations that are opposed to gambling or want to restrict its enjoyment to casinos alone so it doesn’t become too widespread. America is a country of many different people, which leads to strong opinions on the hows and whys of legal betting.

Takes On Religion

Technically, the US is a secular government. That means religious beliefs aren’t supposed to guide the creation or interpretation of laws. Sadly, many people would prefer that their holy book becomes the foundation of how everyone lives their lives. Some of these people ascend to political power because they speak to voters of the same religious devotion. This allows them to essentially make laws based on their beliefs. Other states prefer to keep the spiritual far away from law, and this can lead religious people to feel like they live in a lost land. Either can be a strong motivator for a person to leave their state behind.

Environmental Effects

Some states are majestic lands of huge forests, tall mountains, and sprawling wildlife. Others are centered around coastal cities that become major centers of trade and business. Both of these have different relationships with nature, which affect how they handle environmental issues. Those who care deeply about the environment could feel frustrated with urban advancement, while business types would rather not follow what they feel are pointless trends to supposedly save animals halfway around the world.

The US is a great place to live, but it can also be a frustrating land of differences. Such is the price of freedom.

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