Make Money from Your Junk with These Tips

You likely have a lot of junk lying around at home. Whether it is obsolete electronics or old items, your house will feel cramped if you don’t get rid of things. However, throwing things out is wasteful when you can earn money from properly disposing of your old stuff. Here are some possible approaches on how to get cash for your trash.

Hold a garage sale

The simplest way to make money from your trash is to have a garage sale. Gather everything, put some prices on the items, and put them in your yard or garage. However, this approach is for those who are in a hurry or are in desperate need of cash. You will be selling items at bargain prices, and you might not be getting the best prices for the items.

Go to the recyclers

Another quick way to get cash for your trash is to take them to the recyclers. It will not earn you a lot unless you dispose of massive items. For example, metal recycling pays by weight, so you need to either sell off heavy items like appliances or valuable metals like copper. It would help if you looked at what items you can recycle in your home. Paper, glass, and metal are the common materials that go to the recycling plants, but you can do some research. Electronics are also becoming popular so you should check on what you have.

Go online for interested buyers

For those who have more time to dispose of items, selling items online can be more profitable. Instead of selling low, you can get a lot of money depending on who is buying. Do your research and check if your items will get a high price. Sites like eBay make this very easy. Take good pictures and set a reasonable minimum price to attract bidders, and you can have a good sale. If you don’t want the randomness or haggling, the internet allows you to find buyers who will buy your items directly. However, it would help if you were careful about scams; it’s better to prefer or want local meetups.

Use them as a tax write-off

The final way to handle your old belongings is to donate them. You might not initially get money for the donation, but it can be important when tax time comes. Present an itemized list of your contribution to charity, and they will give a receipt for the donation. You can then use it during tax filings to reduce your taxes. There is a limit, but you can use the deduction for state and federal taxes depending on where you live. Shaving off a few hundred dollars from your tax bill can be worth the effort.

Final thoughts

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Be mindful of that saying as you look at what you need to dispose of. Getting some money as you dispose of these items ensures that they are not a total waste for you.

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