Making the right underwear choice

Picking the wrong underwear can be conclusively discomforting and spoils the beauty of an entire outfit. It is necessary to pay keen attention to various aspects while selecting the best undergarment. But many have very little or no knowledge about undergarment shopping. When one moves forward for undergarment shopping, many confusions and dilemmas may arise. It is necessary to learn some basics before moving out to shop. Any woman would want to shop for a pair of sexy underwear. But the journey is not easy, especially if one is shopping without specific expectations. 

When women go out shopping, they might come across diverse kinds of undergarments. Some people pick based on the sizes, while others pick based on the style. But all these aspects have to be minded simultaneously to make a perfect choice. Moreover, wearing an apt undergarment will help improve women’s confidence rather than just flaunting them. Psychologists suggest that wearing a good pair of lingerie can help women feel confident and carry themselves boldly. Undergarments are usually for the eyes of the woman who wears them, so picking a good pair can surely help impose positive effects on mental health. 

Knowing about some undergarment essentials

For people who want to buy a pair of comfortable and sexy underwear, here are some closet must-haves,

1.boy-cut panties

These are underwear that resembles those cute tiny shorts one may have. Unlike regular panties, they cover the hips and have a lower cut. They offer full coverage and are one of the most comfortable underwear. These panties would be a great option to wear under skirts and knee-length dresses. For women who would like to get that extra comfort in their undergarments, these boy-cut panties are a great option. 

2.Hipster briefs

They are another type of full coverage underwear and offer great comfort when worn under maxis and skirts. These undergarments will fit on the hips rather than the waist. Unlike the traditional briefs, they are low rise and offer a medium coverage to the hips keeping the shape just right!


A bikini can be the right choice for anyone who does not want full or medium coverage. This undergarment type stays on the hips, but the sidelines are narrow. They are usually two-piece underwear that has lingerie and panties. Bikinis have now become a to-carry essential for beach trips.

They are an exceedingly preferable pantie type because it minimises the visible panty sections. When picking low rise denim pants, bikinis should be a must-have.


Thongs are one of the least coverage offering panties available. For people who feel uneasy wearing an undergarment, thongs can be a great alternative. It stays closer to the intimate region than any other pantie type. So extreme care is necessary to have a hygienic undergarment experience! Thongs are also an alternative for swimsuits and for under skirts and dresses. Like bikinis, thongs also reduce the exposure of panty lines over a light coloured outfit. Also, thongs offer diverse options to pick out. Among these, Cheeky thongs offer extra coverage compared to other thong panties. 

5.Classic briefs

They are also called the granny briefs and are mostly a preferable choice for older ladies. This pantie type fits on the waist and covers a modest coverage. Also, briefs are commonly in use by women who play different sports like tennis and figure skating. People wear a short skirt in such cases, and a full coverage brief can be the best alternative. 

Picking the proper undergarments and making a move choosing them considering several aspects is necessary to feel the best in one’s solitude!

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