Mars redesigns M&M characters to be more “inclusive” Details discussed

The M&M mascots will get a makeover beginning on January 20, 2022, as part of Mars Incorporated’s efforts to become “more inclusive.” Surprisingly, the only things that can be seen to be different between the old and new characters are their shoes and skin colour. According to a press release by Mars, the M&M’S brand’s goal is to improve the sense of belonging for 10 million people worldwide by the year 2025 through the “power of pleasure.” This goal will be accomplished by selling more candy. According to the company, the modifications gave the avatars distinct personalities to stimulate “self-expression.” In addition, the names of these adorable entities will not be given any prefixes that are descriptive of gender. 

Exactly what alterations did Mars make to the M&M characters?

During the makeover, the footwear the figures wore was given a lot of attention because of the effort to make the figures more “inclusive.” The orange guy’s shoe, which had been untied before, is now tied into a knot. The green lady was formerly spotted wearing high heels, but now she is only seen wearing flats. The brown female figure, who was shown in the past with a pair of stilettos on her feet, is now presented with a pair of black heels.

In addition, they had their skin tone changed from the typical fairness to an off-white hue so that they would be accepted more readily. Mars has stated that the M&M’S brand would be updated to reflect a more welcoming and unifying tone of voice while still keeping its signature jester wit and humour. These changes are scheduled to take place in the second half of this year.

On the website of the chocolate firm, it is said that these figurines also share some features. The red one portrays themselves as self-assured while being personable, informed while maintaining an air of modesty, and painstakingly accurate. The yellow man makes jokes and uses puns to lighten the mood and bring some humour into the situation. Orange and Green are both quite anxious and pretend to be hype women on behalf of my friend group. This is something that can be claimed about both of these individuals.

Conversely, Brown engages in a significant amount of sarcasm and maintains that she is “not a dictator. Only the leader of the chocolates the blue one gives off the impression of having a lot of confidence.

Here’s how people responded to M&M’s “inclusive” makeover

Mars’ depiction of the characters quickly became the punchline to several jokes posted on the internet. The concept that the characters may be “woke” was mocked in several tweets. Some individuals joke that the “spokes candies” wouldn’t be eaten if they had a level of self-awareness and complexity since most people like eating sweets. Some individuals on Twitter have even suggested that Mars Inc. uses the change as a marketing ploy to get people talking about its new “woke” candy line.

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