Meet the cast members of Lifetime’s thriller drama, Labor, Lies and Murder, Brooke Burfitt and many others Details explored!

This coming weekend, Lifetime will air yet another suspenseful drama in the form of “Labor, Lies and Murder.” The story centres on a pregnant mother worried her unborn child might be stolen. The film, originally named Deadly Doula, explores themes of vulnerability and protection. Due to her advanced pregnancy, Hailey has decided to give birth at home with the assistance of a doula. But things get worse as her due date approaches. According to the plot summary, pregnant Hailey hires a doula to help her with her home birth, but she later hears disturbing information about the woman from another pregnant woman. Because she doesn’t know who to trust, Hailey has to be on high alert for anyone who could try to abduct her child.

Meet the cast members of Labor, Lies, and Murder

Starring Brooke Burfitt as Hailey

Immediately following her graduation, Brooke Burfitt went on to begin her career. After making her debut in On the Ropes (2010), she went on to star in several other films. The Soft Touch, Pulp, The Catch, Plan Z, By Any Means, Maternal Secrets, and Most Wonderful Time are just a few of the titles she has written. Her IMDb website has about nine projects in the works for her, some of which are titled Labor, Lies, and Murder. In the Lifetime thriller, she takes on the role of Hailey, the main character. The daughter of Louise Burfitt-Dons, a criminal mystery author, and retired airline captain Donald Burfitt-Dons, Burfitt is a talented writer in her own right. Arabella Burfitt-Dons, her sister, is also an actress. The actor is a family man; he is married and has a daughter.

Starring Jade is Lauren Buglioli.

In the forthcoming Lifetime film, Lauren Buglioli plays the villain, Jade. The Los Angeles native gained fame in films such as Transference, Raising Dion, and The Oval. She has also made guest appearances in films including Horror Noire and Brutal Bridesmaids. Burfitt’s co-star, Buglioli, was the recipient of a heartfelt gratitude post and a poster for their upcoming film’s release, and Buglioli was happy to help.

Joe, played by Jason Burkey

Actor Jason Burkey has been nominated for several awards for his roles in films, including The 10 Commandments of Chloe, Dopesick, Ordinary Joe, and The Resident. In addition to Messiah and The Walking Dead, he has guest-starred on such shows as The Gifted, The Originals, Bull, Shots Fired, and The Oval. Burkey calls himself “Prince Charming by day and Goofy Court Jester by night” on his webpage. The rest of the cast of Labor, Lies, and Murder includes Poppy George as Bea, Gina Hiraizumi as Lisa, Rowan Vickers as Caleb, Paige Hallett as Nicole, and Gray Minors as Lionel. The script for this suspenseful drama, directed by Ryan Dewar, was written by Clark Phillips-Janssen. Triventure Films, Burnt House Productions, and Dawn Power are the producers. The Labor, Lies and Murder premiere will air on Lifetime on Saturday, January 8 at 8 p.m. ET.

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