Meet the cast members of ‘Power Book II: Ghost’ season 2. Michael Rainey Jr, Mary J Blige, and many more

Power Book II: Ghost’s second season premieres Sunday on STARZ. The success of the first season of the Power franchise last year has piqued viewers’ interest in the sequel. Tariq murdered his professor in the last episode of the crime thriller. A crime like this will always haunt him, even if he has turned to the bad side. 

Making the appropriate decisions in the face of potential negative outcomes is important to Power Book II: Ghost Season 2. Power Book II’s official synopsis:

  • Ghost reads.
  • Tariq attempts to return to college, and Brayden rescues him.
  • Monet organises the company to protect her children.
  • Cane finds a new family to take the streets.

The first episode of Season 2 is titled “Free Will is Never Free.” Meanwhile, let’s peek at Power Book II: Ghost’s actors and actresses.

The second season cast members of Power Book II: Ghost

Michael Rainey Jr. as Tariq St. Patrick

Michael Rainey Jr. began his career at 10 in Staten Island, New York. His debut picture was 2010’s UN ALTRO MUNDO, an Italian production, and LUV, his first in the United States (2012). Power Book II: Ghost features him as the heroic protagonist Tariq, who will stop at nothing to keep his loved ones safe.

Mary J Blige plays Monet

Mary J. Blige is an Academy Award nominee who rose to prominence in films including Mudbound, The Help, and Rock of Age. Blige has contributed her vocal and musical talents to several films and music videos. Her character, Monet, will be featured in Power Book II: Ghost defending her loved ones from Tariq’s influence.

Method Man as Davis McClean

Born Clifford Smith, Method Man is a performer, musician, and record producer. In Power Book II: Ghost, he portrays defence attorney Davis McClean. The first season had his character fighting for Tariq’s mother’s case, and he is known for not needing the facts to succeed. Method Man was awarded best-supporting actor at the NAACP Image Awards a year ago.

Woody McClain as Cane Tejada

Acting, dancing, and making people laugh are just a few of Woody McClain’s many talents as a celebrity. He joined Kevin Hart’s production business instead of pursuing his dream of becoming a professional dancer and soon found himself doing stand-up comedy.

He portrays Tariq’s buddy and nephew Cane Tejada in Power Book II: Ghost. Shane Johnson, who plays Cooper, also appears in Power Book II: Ghost with LaToya Tondo, who plays Diana; Gianni Paolo, who plays Brayden; Daniel Sunjata, who plays Mecca; Paige Hurd, who plays Lauren; Melanie Libra, who plays Carrie; Quincy Tyler Bernstine, who plays Tameika; Daniel Bellomy, who plays Zeke; and Lovell Adams-Gray, who plays Zeke (Dru).

The premier details of Season 2: Power Book II: Ghost

Season two of Power Book II: Ghost will premiere on STARZ this coming Sunday, November 21. Those without the channel may sign up for FuboTV, Hulu+ LiveTV, YouTube TV, or Sling. You can also watch the most recent episode on the network’s website.

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