Meet the cast of the Lifetime drama “The Price of Fitting In”, featuring Lora Burke, Elizabeth Adams and many more

Future Lifetime drama The Price of Fitting In will be based on a real-life event. Filmmakers in Canada have decided to tell the story of a mother and daughter as they deal with workplace stress, teen turmoil, and peer pressure. The official synopsis for The Price of Fitting In states that Amber, the mother’s character, unwillingly enrols her daughter Charlie from a tiny private school into a public high school.

In spite of this, Amber is concerned that her adolescent daughter may revert to the behaviour that got her expelled from her previous school. Charlie’s first few months at her new school go swimmingly; she joins the robotics team, earns high grades from her teachers, and receives widespread praise from both her peers and adults. However, she soon gets involved with the wrong crowd, begins abusing synthetic weed, and regresses to a shell of her former, previously known as Trouble in Suburbia. The title has been renamed The Price of Fitting In on the network’s official website.

Elizabeth Adams as Charlie Cunningham in “The Price of Fitting In”

Elizabeth Adams, in what appears to be her film debut, plays the rebellious daughter Charlie Cunningham in The Price of Fitting In. In the film, Elizabeth plays a troubled youngster who attempts to please her mother by maintaining a high GPA but ends up hanging around with the wrong crowd. If things go wrong, will she be able to put them right? What happens can only be determined by time.

Amber as Lora Burke in “The Price of Fitting In”

Lora Burke is the actress that portrays the role of Amber in this movie. She plays a mother who has recently divorced her husband and is doing her best to provide for her son Charlie. In the book “The Price of Fitting In,” the main heroine, Amber, develops into an influential person as she overcomes challenges such as coping with a pampered adolescent and saving her child from a life of substance abuse. In addition to this thriller drama, Lora’s filmography also includes Poor Agnes (2017), Lifechanger (2018), and For The Sake of Vicious (2019). (2020).

Kadrian Enyia makes her first appearance in “The Price of Fitting In.”

Canadian actor-in-training Kadrian Enyia has appeared in shorts, including The Intersection and Dieffenbachia. With the film The Price of Fitting In, he is making his debut in the commercial film industry. Nick Smyth, Alicia Rosario, Laura Tremblay, Steve Karan, James Burke, Michael Bianchi, and Max Ackerman are among the many performers featured in the film alongside Elizabeth, Lora, and Kadrian. The premiere of The Price of Fitting In will take place on Saturday, September 18th, and broadcast on Lifetime. Alpha Nicky Mulowa will direct the show. Imperfect High, an additional film that the network will distribute on the same day as The Price of Fitting In, features a plot strikingly similar to the previously mentioned film.

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