Mexican soccer Video shows 17 dead and 22 wounded in a riot between rival football supporters, Details discussed

The violence that broke out during a soccer match in Mexico resulted in the deaths of at least 17 fans and left at least 26 others in critical condition. This occurred in the middle of the Liga MX match being played at the Corregidora stadium. During the second half of the match between Querétaro and Atlas, a scuffle broke out, which resulted in both sides leaving the field to avoid further confrontation.

Details about the riot that occurred during the Mexican soccer game

The Governor of the state of Queretaro, Mauricio Kuri, made a statement in which he said that three people were in critical condition and had sustained horrific injuries. As a result of many fights in various regions, the competition had to be halted temporarily. The guys were tearing the jerseys off of the rival supporters while they stood there watching the game. The primary exit gates were opened by security personnel to facilitate the exit of spectators and women and children from the potentially dangerous playing field. Fans were seen being assaulted, and the film was uploaded onto the internet. Some of the victims were even naked.

Additionally, there were reports of fans kicking spectators who were already unconscious and resting on the ground. Even one of the spectators brought out a knife in what seemed to be an attempt to cut through the goal netting. The players on the Atlas side and those on the Querétaro team promptly fled to their respective locker rooms. On the other hand, Washington Aguerre and the other Querétaro players decided to keep their positions relatively near the bench to calm down the raucous crowd.

Mexican soccer officials denounce the brawl

After League President Mikel Arriola issued a statement, it was announced that the game would not continue on Saturday and that those responsible for the serious event would be punished. Both sides have issued statements condemning the violence that occurred between them. Rafael Márquez, a former captain of the Mexican national team, observed that the unfortunate events that are taking place in Querétaro are also taking on in his home country of Mexico. The Governor of Queretaro condemned the violence and said that the club’s proprietors would be held responsible for their actions. He said, “I’ve ordered that the full force of the law be implemented,” and that’s exactly what he’d done.

The Mexican government’s law enforcement officers on duty at the soccer match levelled accusations of wrongdoing against the private security personnel. Fox 5 It was stated that the security professionals in San Diego, most of whom were women, could not put an end to the fighting there. The FMF has opened an inquiry as a result of the incident that occurred during the Mexican soccer match (Mexican Football Federation). According to them, it has been suggested that the appropriate steps be taken, and they have advised that these steps be implemented.

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